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Some overseas business flights Hilton Head mayor should try | Letters

Our Hilton Head Island mayor, John McCann, said he flew first-class to Italy (at taxpayer expense) because, “I’m a retired executive who’s flown all over the world. If you’re going to spend half a day getting someplace, you want to be in the best shape you can when you get there.”

As a retired U.S. Army colonel, I have also flown “all over the world” at taxpayers’ expense, and it also was “all business.” However, unlike McCann, my fellow soldiers, and I, did not fly “first-class” nor were we in Iraq or Afghanistan to exchange gifts, sign friendship pacts, and post our pictures on Facebook.

Our deployment flights from Fort Benning, Georgia, to Iraq and Afghanistan were all the same “class,” regardless of rank, grade, executive command position, or age. There were no “reclining beds, power outlets, or skincare kits” on our flights. Walking the aisles of our planes was difficult stepping over the M-16 rifles jutting out from under the seats.

After our travel times of 18-20 hours, our final terrifying aircraft landings were spiral combat approach maneuvers to avoid enemy fire, in C-130s, at 3a.m. on runway strips that were dark and secluded. With expected sniper fire upon landing, we also desired to “be in the best shape we could when we got there.”

I certainly hope that I am not the only Hilton Head Island resident perplexed, outraged, and upset by this total boondoggle and waste of taxpayer money.

Dr. Robert J. Blok

Hilton Head Island

A smart way to use Hilton Head’s natural energy

We use a significant amount of the electricity coming onto Hilton Head Island for desalinization of water from the lower aquifer. How about using a wind turbine — not to generate electricity, which would then be used to run the high-pressure pump, but directly to mechanically drive the pump, thus eliminating the energy losses of conversion to electricity and back.

This harkens back a hundred years to the windmills that pumped well water. Modern wind turbines are far more powerful and efficient.

The variability of available wind could be accommodated by regulating the mix of desalinated water and that drawn from the upper aquifer, and then ultimately by reverting to electric pumping as necessary.

Hilton Head Island is in the ideal position to be the demonstration project for such a scheme. It would soon be copied by towns and cities all along coastal regions. Chalk it up as one more Hilton Head Island first.

Nick Fast

Hilton Head Island

Want a plaza fountain? We may need 2nd trip to Italy

Thanks to the Packet for letting me know that I contributed toward an over-$7,000 upper-first-class trip to Italy ... and that’s just for the airline fares. Once the itinerary, meals and other expenses are paid, I’ll know the full extent of my expenditure.

Gee, I don’t remember any of it, but I must have had a great time.

Cementing the “friendship pact,” I’m sure, is essential to the welfare of Hilton Head.

One never knows when they may want to erect a fountain in the plaza. Now we know who to contact when that time comes. But on second thought, it may be better to just take a second trip, to ensure we get correct instructions.

Donald Fredericks


Italy trip will make McCann a one-term mayor of Hilton Head

With a trip to Italy that is clearly a waste of taxpayer dollars, Hilton Head Island Mayor John McCann has set in concrete he will be another one-term mayor.

Bruce Bartow

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head paving job shameful

Maybe a June 22 letter titled “A log road?” should be on first page in The Island Packet.

The writer asks: “Has anyone else noticed all the bumps in the road when driving toward the Sea Pines Circle on Pope Avenue?”

Answer: 1) Of course; 2) incredible; 3) shameful.

Question: What was the Town of Hilton Head Island, together with consultation people, thinking? (Maybe: Who cares, that’s taxpayer money.)

Jovica Lazovic

Hilton Head Island