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Tariff war is stupid squared — maybe worse

For most people in a new job, some on-the-job training and learning is expected. The same is true with a president. No one is completely prepared.

Unfortunately, this president seems to be unaware that his new job is not like his old one in the world of fantasy.

For example, he has uttered a continuous stream of poorly thought-out declarations on a variety of national and international subjects that have been quietly modified or rescinded shortly thereafter. However, in some cases, he has gotten himself in a bind that can’t easily be rescinded. For example, tariffs.

While there are a wide variety of factors that will ultimately determine the final outcome of this tariff war, there are two supply-and-demand elements that are of critical importance.

First, does the buyer (USA) have alternate sources of supply for the product(s), or alternate replacement products, or the ability to do without? Second, does the seller (China) have alternate markets for its product(s), or alternatives for utilizing its productive capacity?

The answers to these questions ultimately determine negotiation leverage. If you don’t know the answers and haven’t done anything to assure an advantage, then a trade war is stupid squared.

Of course, if a president, prior to undertaking the tariff war, had already undermined most of his nation’s trade agreements, effectively reducing the buyer’s alternate suppliers, while increasing the seller’s possible markets, you might just have taken stupid way beyond squared.

Richard Wallace


Democrats: ‘Get over it’

Democrats should be embarrassed with today’s Democratic Party. They still can’t accept the loss of the 2016 presidential election and are acting like 7-year-old boys who lost the Little League championship and are demanding a do-over. After all, it was Hillary Clinton’s turn; they fixed their nomination and picked her over Bernie Sanders.

They had everything going for them: the media, polls, FBI and the Department of Justice spying on Donald Trump’s campaign. Hillary and the Democratic National Committee paid a British spy for a false, unverified dossier about Trump, which they submitted to the FISA court, enabling them to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign during 2016.

They had everything going for them with one exception. They forgot to tell Trump.

After Trump’s decisive victory, the Democrats cried uncontrollably until their savior, Robert Mueller, and his gang of 18 Democrats were appointed to investigate Trump’s alleged ties with Russia. For almost two years, Democrats called Trump a traitor and claimed to have proof he colluded with Russia and was guilty of obstruction. After two years, spending $35 million, issuing 200 subpoenas, obtaining 1.4 million documents and interviewing over 400 individuals, Mueller could not bring charges of collusion or obstruction.

The Democrats were devastated. They still can’t accept Mueller’s conclusion and have decided to re-do his investigation, requesting the same documents, etc. They will continue with their investigation until the 2020 election in the hope of defeating Trump, as they don’t have any ideas to run on.

My advice is, “Get over it.”

Vince Sgroi

Sun City

Keep Hilton Head beaches like bit of heaven

We are gong to take a nice walk starting at the ocean. here we come, Hilton Head Island. Don’t forget your flip-flops and hat. Young and old can enjoy this activity.

I remember walking with my grandmother and mother at Second Beach in Newport, Rhode Island, when I was a young gal, always amazed at how far my grandmother could walk. We would see windsurfers, lovely sandcastles and beautiful skies. My grandmother would say, “That is heaven above us and we are fortunate to live here. Heaven on Earth.” My mom packed a super lunch for all of us.

Now I get to make these memories with my grandchildren. Please join me in keeping these beautiful beaches as nice as any heaven on Earth.

Tomorrow we will walk at Old Town Bluffton.

Maureen G. Wilson


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