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Life Care Center of Hilton Head a very good facility | Letters

I read your front-page article on Wednesday, June 19, titled “Hilton Head nursing home on ‘serious quality issues’ list” compiled by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Life Care of Hilton Head was listed as a “candidate for focus” in March 2018.

The assault referred to in the report was thoroughly investigated, and no evidence was found. Although the investigation was closed, there was no printed rebuttal. The last state survey of Life Care of Hilton Head was in March 2018, and all deficiencies were corrected quickly, according to the executive director Daniel Lewis.

I have been an advocate for a family member who has resided at Life Care for more than three years. I visit him most days, and at different times of the day. I have never witnessed abuse or lack of care. During these visits, I am very alert to what is going on with other residents as well. The staff is caring and professional and the facility is well-maintained. Life Care is a very good skilled nursing facility with a very qualified and professional staff.

An article like this is disturbing and disheartening to residents, family members, and employees, as well as to the members of the community. This was the first year a report like this has been released to the public and was based on a visit that took place more than a year ago.

Louise Lund

Hilton Head Island

Equality Act: Disapproval does not automatically constitute ‘hate’

Letters to the editor reacting to my earlier letter regarding the Equality Act, which legislates that I publicly treat homosexuality as acceptable, were interesting. Stigmatizing my comments as “freedom to teach … hate” actually illustrates my original premise. Such negative reactions to my biblical values and the caliber of my Christian love was certainly not an issue when ministering to men actually wrestling with homosexual matters, while I served as a volunteer prison chaplain.

Disapproval doesn’t automatically constitute “hate.” Would I be justified in accusing my critics of hating people with my Christian values, because they do not approve of my scripture-based convictions regarding sexual behavior (unless they are kept to myself)? My point is that I am being told by my government what I must be willing to publicly tolerate, even though it violates my faith-informed conscience to do so. Using the First Amendment, critics automatically relegate “religious” convictions to nothing more than optional (if not actually tainted) opinions, rather than life-shaping guides for living. My Christian faith constitutes a biblically-based lifestyle, however imperfectly achieved.

If I insisted you adjust your values to publicly conform to my faith-based outlook, or keep your convictions to yourself, sparks would clearly fly. So why is it then somehow acceptable to turn around and insist that I adjust my interactions with others whose values I don’t accept, in order to publicly affirm and actively accommodate their views on sexual morality? Especially if it violates my constitutionally-protected religious faith and moral standards to do so. The rationale for acceptable public criticism is always a two-way street, not matter what the topic, or how religious the motivation.

David Rockwell


Hey, Trump, is this really ‘like smart’?

I remember a television interview with presidential candidate Donald Trump in which he was claiming brilliance and told the reporter, “I’m like smart.” I have never been able to shake that memory.

So, when Trump characterizes the Iranian shoot-down of our $110 million drone as an act of some ignorant general and not probably the action of the Iranian government, thus stopping our retaliation (before he lied that he heard 10 minutes before that 150 Iranians would be killed in the retaliatory strike he authorized). Yes, any “like smart” citizen of this country knows that his initial briefing preceding his authorization of the strike included an estimate of the number of the Iranian casualties.

And, then, I read today that the Iranian leadership are thanking their god for the wisdom of the commander who shot down the drone. Is this the “art of Trump’s deal”?

What exactly does “like smart” mean and why does Trump keep threatening his alma maters to keep his grades in school secret?

Jeffrey Ernico

Hilton Head Island

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