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High density at Hilton Head Christian Academy needs attention | Letters

Your report of the Hilton Head Island Town Council’s discussion and vote on June 18 of the application to rezone the Hilton Head Christian Academy site did not mention certain important information that may be of interest to readers.

The applicant presented expertly, and showed pictures of a wonderful development plan that has undergone several modifications.

Early master plans of the area designated that location for multi-family development, which was removed in 2000 and which the applicant wishes to be re-established.

However, that master plan included a restrictive covenant limiting density to 8 dwellings per acre, but the applicant wants to increase that density to 19 to 22 dwelling units per acre.

The original application made no mention of workforce housing. This latest version designates 5% to workforce housing.

No one has a clue how this is to be effected or monitored. Someone even suggested that the applicant submit an affidavit each year with its business licence renewal.

The chairman of the Planning Commission said something along the lines of: this was plucked out of the sky; we have no plan; it may have been borrowed from Bluffton.

Not all citizens in attendance were supporters. An expert citizen pointed out the council has no obligation to maximize income for the developer and asked why they were considering changing density. Town Council member David Ames commented that he believed Hilton Head Christian Academy directors were acting in “self-interest to obtain the highest price.”

Christopher Cliffe

Hilton Head Island

Remove these 3 from Hilton Head annexation petition

As many readers know, the community of Windmill Harbour is considering annexation into the Town of Hilton Head Island and is circulating a petition requesting that annexation.

What readers probably do not know is that the three much smaller communities included in the petition — Blue Heron Point, Mariner’s Cove and the RV Resort and Marina — were included without their consent. At least two have specifically requested both Windmill Harbour and the town to remove them from the petition.

These communities have no functional relationship with Windmill Harbour, their inclusion in the petition is not necessary to effect annexation of Windmill Harbour, and due to the relative populations of the four communities, an affirmative vote for annexation by the residents of the much larger Windmill Harbour will likely bind the other three communities into an annexation they do not want.

The fix is simple. Remove the three protesting communities from the petition, create a new petition for Windmill Harbour only, and distribute that new petition for signature.

Despite this simple fix, the Windmill Harbour board of directors has reiterated several times its plans to continue to facilitate the distribution and signing of the current, four-community petition.

As a resident of Windmill Harbour, to the residents of the other three communities, I am embarrassed and apologize. “But for” Windmill Harbour’s desire to explore annexation, you would not be in this mess.

Lynn Wiggins

Hilton Head Island

Liz Farrell and Mark Twain

After reading Liz Farrell’s column (“Some on Beaufort County Council want ‘the Josh thing’ to go away. Don’t let that happen”) on Beaufort County Council members, I’m prompted to quote Mark Twain (sort of). He said, “Suppose I were a County Council member (congressman), then suppose I were an idiot. Oh my, I repeat myself!”

Dhet Rogowski

Hilton Head Island

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