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Donald Trump announces 2020 presidential campaign

President Donald Trump announced his re-election campaign on June 18, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.
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President Donald Trump announced his re-election campaign on June 18, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Guilty until proven innocent.

Has there, in the past 100-plus years, been an American president more reviled that Donald Trump? And yet, in spite of the left’s attacks, along with their willing comrades in the mainstream media, he has been able to accomplish more than any president in modern times. Not since Teddy Roosevelt have we had a president who, in spite of his rhetoric, has stood up to his domestic enemies.

In spite of two years worth of Robert Mueller’s investigations, and Trump’s cooperation with the investigators, the Democratic-controlled House is still looking for a smoking gun. Which they will not find. However, that won’t stop them from wasting precious time and money.

The Democrats have proven over time they cannot and will not accept a Republican president. As in, “The Supreme Court gave George W. Bush his election in 2000.” Not true, by the way. The Democrats still cannot recognize the fact that Trump was elected legally. When a political party, anywhere in the world, refuses to accept the outcome of an election, you then have the beginning of a civil war.

The Democratic Party has now strayed so far left, the very fate of the future of our Constitution is at stake in the 2020 presidential elections. To conservatives, our Constitution is the bedrock of our culture. To liberals, it is an impediment to leading America toward socialism.

While November 2020 is a long way off, become involved and, when voting, choose wisely.

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island

Stop the rush on rezoning Hilton Head school site

We live in Old Woodlands neighborhood, where there’s an out-of-state apartment complex developer that has requested Town Council substantially increase the population density of the adjacent Hilton Head Christian Academy property.

Our neighbors and our POA have publicly stated this zoning change is an inevitable fait accompli.

It is not.

Under current market conditions, a school remains the only viable business model since the island has an excess of developments like was zoned for HHCA so long ago.

We understand HHCA has received multiple fair-market-value offers to keep it a school long enough for the island to formulate a master plan. The developer is aware he needs to ram this through Town Council before it becomes better oriented.

Once the zoning changes — upon which the developer’s financing is dependent — then all that soft turf would be up for grabs by any entity that cannot otherwise profit from the current zoning restrictions.

However, there is a two- to three-year rollout of the developer’s plans.

By 2022, they may discover the expense for controlling drainage is untenable. They may lose an investor. The economy could tank.

These risks can be managed by leaving things alone for now, without imperiling that land should the developer be unable to deliver on its promises.

We don’t want to have another tiny speck of our island to be turned to cash and taken away by strangers.

Please encourage Town Council to postpone this decision.

Brian and Donna Kuhens

Hilton Head Island

The real danger of Donald Trump

It is tragically sad that President Donald Trump continues his lifelong, habitual practice of leading through exaggeration and blatant lies. His distortions since entering the presidency number over 10,000 (see Fact Checker, Washington Post) and they grow by the day.

It is one thing when he makes a ridiculous claim that his inauguration crowd was larger than President Barack Obama’s; it hurts no one but himself. There is a real danger, however, when he and his media cronies (especially FOX news) persist in calling the Robert Mueller investigation a phony witch hunt, deviously planned by Democrats, and that the Russia attack was not worth investigating.

It appears quite likely that this is not random, benign exaggeration, but actually a carefully planned and deliberate disinformation campaign. This is not just the spewing of anger by an unhinged man (although he may just be that too). The intent of the president and his media partisans is to overwhelm documented facts with an alternate set of falsehoods. This planned attack seeks to sew doubt, among conservatives and moderates, about Mueller’s carefully documented instances of obstruction of justice. An even greater danger exists in Republicans refusing to show leadership in protecting our precious voting processes, including banishing foreign misinformation designed to confuse the public.

We can only hope for a more honest path forward to protect our democracy, but time is short.

Jerry Whalen


This conspiracy blows the mind

Interesting. A recent letter writer claims President Donald Trump is guilty of conspiracy due to multiple meetings with Russians. Truth is, there was only one, the Trump Tower meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya and others.

She was here to lobby against the Magnitsky Act. She entered the U.S. in 2015 on a “parole visa” granted by President Barack Obama’s U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. To assist in this effort, she hired Fusion GPS. How convenient. Is it just a coincidence that she met with Fusion’s head, Glenn Simpson, one hour prior to the Trump Tower meeting and just after that meeting? Wow.

The meeting lasted less than an hour when the Russians couldn’t pony up any dirt on Hillary Clinton. This was a classic “set up.” Now, the Trump campaign had met with Russian agents. Whose Russian agent is she?

Another mind-blowing coincidence is that during the same time frame, out of all the law firms in the country, the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign together hired and paid the same law firm, Fusion GPS, to obtain the bogus Steele Russian dossier. Second wow.

And can anyone believe that the wife of the FBI’s Bruce Ohr is employed by Fusion GPS as an expert on “Russian matters”? She worked on and supported the false Trump dossier. It gets better with Ohr. He had numerous contacts with the discredited former British agent, Richard Steele, who had previously been fired by the FBI. Third wow.

The head on this Hydra keeps growing snakes.

Don Fortney

Sun City

Honest election motto: ‘Trump first, not America’

President Donald Trump declared there can be no infrastructure package as long as he is being investigated. Infrastructure was one his campaign promises before he was elected. In more than two years since being president, the only thing he has said about roads is that the states should pay for them.

Other promises not kept: not “locking her up”; not giving the middle class the big tax break; not hiring the best people, since so many of them are unqualified and don’t know what their job is, not to mention all those now serving prison terms. There doesn’t seem to be any tax breaks for the wealthy removed, as promised, just the one on the middle class that limits our deductions. There was, however, a new tax break for owners of golf courses.

His most recent promise was a 25% tax break for the middle class the whole week before the midterm elections. Not a word of it after election day.

Feel safer with his Muslim ban? The country that our 9/11 attackers came from is not on the list. Neither are several other countries, all of which our president has business dealings with. We should ask why it’s OK for terrorists to come from countries that make him money.

A more honest election motto this time around would be: “Trump first, not America.”

Steve Peters


Hey, Hilton Head. Check on this while you’re in Italy

Let’s hope that our Hilton Head Island mayor and town manager reach out to our Italian sister city’s leadership to seek advice on the wisdom of allowing a commercial truck parking facility in the heart of the South Forest Beach community, a world-class tourist destination.

Bruce Bartow

Hilton Head Island

Beaufort County shredding event done right

Kudos to all involved in the Beaufort County shredding event held June 8 in Bluffton. The signage could not have been more informative and the organization and execution should be examples for those conducting similar events. Thank you.

Brad Tufts

Hilton Head Island

Is Hilton Head’s Pope Avenue a log road?

Has anyone else noticed all the bumps in the road when driving toward the Sea Pines Circle on Pope Avenue?

It reminds me of the old “corduroy” roads where they laid logs crosswise and then paved over them.

Another job well done? I don’t think so.

Lee Hildenbrandt

Hilton Head Island

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