Letters to the Editor

Audubon SC thanks Davis

State Sen. Tom Davis’s leadership on conservation and environmental issues is no secret in South Carolina, nor is his advocacy for competitive clean energy policy. But the senator deserves special recognition for his heroic efforts to ensure passage of the South Carolina Energy Freedom Act by the state Senate, and thereby the General Assembly, in the waning days of this year’s legislative session.

Without his voice of reason and perseverance, South Carolinians would still be lacking a much-needed, comprehensive energy reform policy. But because of Senator Davis’s forethought and passionate leadership, and thanks to the senators who voted unanimously to adopt the bill, South Carolina’s energy future is brighter today than it has ever been.

The Energy Freedom Act will benefit both birds and people by increasing economic investment in our state, creating good-paying solar jobs, providing consumers greater control over and choice in their energy use, and helping protect our precious natural resources.

As executive director of Audubon South Carolina, please join me and our 20,000 members statewide in thanking Senator Davis for helping usher in a new era of energy reform in South Carolina.

Sharon Richardson


Trump still a draft coward

While visiting London last week, during the commemoration of D-Day, President Donald Trump was interviewed by TV journalist Piers Morgan. Trump was asked to comment on his use of bone spurs in his feet to claim a deferment from the draft and avoid going to Vietnam.

He replied that he was not a fan of the war, adding that most people did not know about it and it was far away. A Gallup Pole in 1968 indicated that the Vietnam War was the leading concern of the American people.

He said that in order to compensate for his Vietnam-era decision, he increased the Department of Defense budget by billions this year.

Most of us who enlisted during wartime felt it was our duty to serve when our country needed us. Many of those who were drafted may have shared Trump’s views on Vietnam, however they felt obligated to do the right thing. How many of those paid the ultimate price?

The families of those who made the supreme sacrifice, veterans, and military retirees who support this coward boggle my mind.

Robert A. Warden

Hilton Head Island

D-Day, and NFL kneeling

As we mark the anniversary of D-Day, I feel compelled to say to all those football players who take a knee during the national anthem:

“How dare you disrespect our flag, our veterans and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice?

“Their sacrifice makes it possible for you to have these freedoms. Find another venue to make your point.”

And why is it that football is the only sport that is so disrespectful?

Patricia Filkoski


The names are a’changin’

Whatever happened to Tom, Dick and Harry, let alone Herb? There’s not a single one of ’em in Hilton Head Christian Academy’s accomplished and attractive 45-member Class of 2019, with all their pictures in a recent Island Packet. Nor a Bill, Ted or Peter, or even a John.

The same — or almost — holds for the girls as well, with only one first name being repeated. And those two are the commendable valedictorian and salutatorian, both committed to enhancing Clemson University’s reputation.

Whoever first said the time’s are a’changin’ sure got that right.

Herb Zimmerman


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