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It’s only fair: Vote ‘no’ in Sea Pines

10 free things you can do in Sea Pines (after you pay the gate fee)

The gate fee gets you into Sea Pines Resort. But what can you do without shelling out more cash once you get there? Check out these 10 free things to make the most out of a day pass at Sea Pines.
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The gate fee gets you into Sea Pines Resort. But what can you do without shelling out more cash once you get there? Check out these 10 free things to make the most out of a day pass at Sea Pines.

Vote “no” on the Sea Pines referendum.

My family has lived here for 19 years. It has been wonderful, and it’s getting better. Our maintenance people are qualified, hard-working people.

The upcoming referendum is not fair to all parties. It encumbers the residential property owners with more than a 40% increase in fees without an end. Until the referendum has a sunset clause after three years, it is not fair. That’s to name just one glaring flaw. I will vote “no” until I see the sunset clause.

I don’t believe the Gallery of Shoppes was purchased in an open or transparent manner. I don’t believe in giving more money to folks who mismanage the money they have now. I understand the symbiotic relationship, and Sea Pines Resort has been riding our trolley for free since day one. Is that fair? I’ve never ridden it and I help pay for it by paying my share. Do any of the commercial entities pay for the trolley?

Our property values are increasing at the same rate as Hilton Head Plantation properties. So let’s work together for a new, fair referendum.

Michael Garvey

Hilton Head Island

Alzheimer’s bill needs support from Sen. Lindsey Graham

There are 5.8 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s. Of those, 200,000 have younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Families facing a dementia diagnosis, regardless of age, will have numerous hurdles to overcome, often to the detriment of both mental and financial health. But for those with younger-onset Alzheimer’s, it can be particularly devastating. I know because I watched my father endure his younger-onset Alzheimer’s for 20 years.

I returned from Washington, D.C., in April after attending the Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum where advocates from across the nation met with members of Congress to educate them on the Alzheimer’s crisis. We met with representatives from South Carolina to urge them to support funding for Alzheimer’s Disease research and to support the passage of the Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Act of 2019.

Because of their young age, people living with Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s are not eligible for most support programs available to older Americans. This Act (H.R. 1903 / S. 901) would fix this.

Today, due to the work of thousands of advocates like myself, sharing about our experiences with younger onset, I am grateful to thank Sen. Tim Scott for being a co-sponsor of this bill. His leadership to address Alzheimer’s as the crisis it is, along with his service on the Alzheimer’s Task Force helps to shine a light on this issue that affects so many. I encourage Sen. Lindsey Graham to follow his lead and cosponsor this bill. Visit alz.org to get involved with the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Amanda Phillips

Hilton Head Island

GOP leading the US debt parade to aid the wealthy few

Thank you for running the AP story about how the U.S. government expects to borrow nearly $1 trillion again in 2019 after borrowing $1.2 trillion in 2018. Notably, the U.S. only borrowed $519 billion in 2017.

Why doesn’t anyone get outraged about this? Why don’t we care about our children and their future?

It is astounding to me to know that many middle-class people have voted for Donald Trump and his Republican cronies who have piled the country in debt and stuffed trillions of dollars into the pockets of the rich at the expense of the rest of us and, particularly, the next generations.

No, the tax cut has not paid for itself, as promised. Meanwhile, the Republicans are talking about cutting back Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to help balance their absurd budget.

Is there any hope for democracy and a concern for all people?

It seems that many people out there cannot understand why the government is doing well economically right now based upon all the gifts that were made and thrown at corporate America in tax cuts last year. This isn’t going to last forever. And then where are we?

Why don’t many of our voting citizens understand the government needs funds to survive and understand that the country’s going to hell in a handbasket at the expense of a wealthy few?

Jeffrey Ernico

Hilton Head Island

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