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Correct colors for Beaufort’s Memorial Day weekend march to the seawall

Beaufort celebrates Memorial Day

Highlights from the Memorial Day parade and the ceremony at the Beaufort National Cemetery held in Beaufort on Monday, May 30, 2016.
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Highlights from the Memorial Day parade and the ceremony at the Beaufort National Cemetery held in Beaufort on Monday, May 30, 2016.

Recently, David Lauderdale wrote a column called “Chicago Cubs star’s gift to women’s club is a Beaufort story.” We appreciate his consideration of and interest in the city’s black culture and social history. We believe that he is committed to accurate portrayals of his subjects.

We want to complement him by offering information that will help in the above regard. Jason Heyward donated $20,000 to the Fred S. Washington Sr. Woman’s Relief Corps Post #1 of South Carolina. Jason is the grandson of the late Louise Washington Hearon, his “Grand Mommy,” president of the corps before her death in 2009.

On the Sunday before Memorial (“Decoration”) Day and after the 3 o’clock church services, members of the Relief Corps and the Daughters and Sons of the Veterans (David Hunter Post #9), along with the Allen’s Brass Band, marched to the waterfront in downtown Beaufort. The Woman’s Relief Corps members wore black. The Daughters and Sons of Veterans’ uniforms were khaki.

(The Sunday church service this year will be held at Tabernacle Baptist Church, 901 Craven St. The march to the waterfront will follow immediately upon conclusion of the service, where flowers will be thrown in the river to commemorate those who died in battle at sea.)

Delo E. Washington


Mueller Report delivers evidence sufficient to impeach Trump

The word “collusion” looms large in our political debate. Some say that President Donald Trump colluded; some day he did not. Both positions are not judicially relevant because “collusion” is not a federal crime. However, “conspiracy” and “obstruction of justice” are. And the Robert Mueller team found evidence of both.

The Mueller report reveals evidence of conspiracy, but not at the level sufficient to prove guilt. However, because the numerous meetings with Russians and the cover-ups look extremely suspect, the report “does not exonerate him.” Therefore, unless further evidence is uncovered, any conspiracy arguments are moot.

The Mueller report does reveal evidence of obstruction of justice sufficient to prove guilt. According to the report, Trump committed 10 or more crimes of obstructing justice. Note that the crime of obstruction does not require an underlying crime. In other words, if Trump did not commit conspiracy, he can still commit obstruction of justice.

In spite of sufficient evidence, Mueller cannot criminally prosecute Trump because our Constitution does not allow the prosecution of a sitting president. Also, the report may not even conclude that Trump is guilty of obstruction because doing so would leave no judicial means for Trump to clear himself. Instead, the Constitution gives the House of Representatives the duty to impeach.

The Mueller Report delivers evidence sufficient to impeach our president. The choice to do so is up to the House or Representatives.

Tina Farrell


Omar fakes victimhood

A recent letter writer said that U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments on 9/11 were taken out of context and that the second part of her comment “could have been discovered with minimal research.”

She said “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and all of us (points to self and audience) were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

I did know the full context. But with minimal research, anyone can discover that CAIR was created in June 1994. That is before 9/11.

Can anyone name one civil liberty that Muslims have lost in America? Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Privilege requires responsibility and civic duty.

We haven’t even finished identifying or burying 40 percent of the remains of our victims. The attacks were carried out by only 19 terrorists in the name of Islam, killing 2,977 Americans and others from all over the world, with 6,000 injured, four major buildings destroyed, four commercial passenger planes destroyed, $10 billion in economic losses, and major hindrances to airline travel that persist to this day.

Omar is not just spreading fake news. She is faking victimhood. It is a disservice to the real victims, and a dangerous precedent when the opposite of what should happen to defend our country is pursued.

Rebecca Schwindeman

Hilton Head Island

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