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JFK would be ashamed of this ‘free stuff’ generation of Dems

President John F. Kennedy in photos

A video slide show of the life and times of President John F. Kennedy
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A video slide show of the life and times of President John F. Kennedy

JFK’s memorable call to patriotism, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you ...” has been turned on its head by his Democratic descendants.

Now the “free stuff” party simply panders: free college, free medical care, debt forgiveness, universal basic income and myriad other handouts. Of course, none of it is “free,” but don’t worry, it will be funded by taxing evil billionaires who, in Dems’ telling, contribute little to America. Beyond creating jobs, “shovel ready” and otherwise, and product innovation that immeasurably improves our lives, wealthy Americans are extraordinarily charitable. Compare Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge donors, the Gates Foundation, the Langone generosity to the NYU Langone Medical Center, to current Dem candidates’ charitable giving, which, to borrow from Nancy Pelosi, is “crumbs.” It’s easy to be empathetic with other people’s money.

The bankrupt Dems label opponents “bigots,” but refuse to sanction one of its own’s anti-Semitic drivel. Bent on diverting a duly-elected president from his constitutional duties, they refuse to accept their putative savior’s conclusion that the central focus of their dishonest, delusional narrative of a Trump-Russia cabal was false while smearing the attorney general who voluntarily released the report.

The major accomplishment of the face of the party, a terribly misinformed New York representative, was to drive Amazon’s thousands of jobs from her city. The front runners for their presidential nomination include a two-time loser who apologizes for his 50 years in public life while the other isn’t even a Democrat.

JFK would be ashamed, as should any thinking Democrat.

Francis Dunne Sr.

Hilton Head Island

Quit using plastic wrappers

Many across the local community, and country, have focused their attention on reducing the use of plastic due to its negative impact on the environment. We’ve reduced the use of plastic bags at grocery stores and eliminated plastic straws at restaurants. We all want to save the turtles. National news broadcasts have presented the recycling difficulties our country faces, and how plastic contributes to the problems.

I know polyester clothing (made from plastic) is here to stay, even though cotton is a natural, healthier, and better fabric — yes, even in the heat and humidity. But why in the world are the free local magazine companies now delivering their over-inked, small-font, publications wrapped in plastic? Who is making this poor decision? Get with the program, y’all. Many of your magazines promote a healthy and green lifestyle.

Peter Phillips

Hilton Head Island

Road taxes not working

I have to agree with the writer on the roadwork in our great county. Almost all of the roads were skim coated and won’t last, but where is the money going that is supposed to solve the problem?

In my opinion, this county needs someone who has the right background taking care of this issue. We sure do not, as I have had problems in the past with them.

Where is our tax money going except to where they want it? This tax takes away from some people’s ability to buy food, clothing, etc., which should not be allowed. The county gets big bucks from the Marine Corps families on all of the graduations at Parris Island, so why not be fair to the locals who made this county? If the Military ever leaves, it will be a ghost town and the locals will be the ones to suffer.

Robert E. Williams


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