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But what has Tiger Woods done for anyone else?

Tiger Woods: the support has been incredible

Tiger Woods is feeling competitive and the support he has received since returning has been incredible.
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Tiger Woods is feeling competitive and the support he has received since returning has been incredible.

Thank you, Mr. President, for bestowing our country’s highest civilian honor upon Tiger Woods. “He has battled.” Good for Tiger for battling his addictions and personal problems. What has he done for anyone else?

How about the Parkland students who have been advocating for gun control since the shooting at their school killed 17 people? I’m guessing the horrors of that day will give them struggles for years to come.

How about Riley Howell or Kendrick Castillo, the students who died while trying to take down the gunman who shot up their schools?

Then there is Lori Gilbert Kaye, the woman who died saving her rabbi?

Their battles saved countless lives. Who are the real heroes?

Ruthe Ritterbeck

Hilton Head Island

Bluffton parents, obey golf cart laws

Everyone who drives in Bluffton has interacted with golf carts on the road. No problem. We used to have one too.

The ones that scare me are the parents driving with a child on his or her lap, or allowing their young child to drive with the parent sitting beside them. Do these parents do this same thing in their cars?

There are laws governing driving and I’m not aware of any that allow unlicensed drivers to operate golf carts on city streets. Parents would be horrified to think drivers got behind the wheel with an infant on their lap, but it’s OK in a golf cart. Please, parents, wake up.

Barbara Bennett


Beaufort County School District makes bad deal with O’Nan

Again, I’m amazed by the bad judgment of the Beaufort County Board of Education or whomever agreed to the “payoff” of $35,000 to a disgraced school employee.

This was a shameful act by an employee at her workplace, a school of all places. Who negotiated this settlement on behalf of the county? What were they thinking? This is an outrage. This employee is supposedly a role model to thousands of impressionable school children. She tarnished the reputation of Hilton Head Island High School and our town, and she’s being paid “damages”?

Besides being paid a full salary while sitting at home for five months, the $35,000 is a slap in the face to all Beaufort County taxpayers who will be funding this settlement. What “damage” was done to this person by Beaufort County taxpayers that she didn’t cause herself ? Why should the taxpayers pay her for displaying such bad judgment? What does this say about our community? We’re the laughing stock of the state.

Valerie Ford

Hilton Head Island

Bargaining with ex-principal mind-blowing

“Taking the high road” should have been what Amanda O’Nan decided to do the night she decided to breach her beloved school’s ethics and conduct her extracurricular activity somewhere other than her workplace. Let alone her use of work computer and phone accounts. Hello, taxpayers.

So many have been affected by O’Nan’s blatant lack of professionalism and inappropriate behavior. Her fall from grace affects her colleagues, her family, her students. It’s a distraction from what a professional should be portraying in their job.

There are positions in our society that are held to a higher standard than others. Police officers. Religious leaders. Anyone who has warranted being put in a position of authority. Educators. It’s expected that such people do their job well, but it doesn’t begin and end with their on-the-job performance. It goes to their character.

The gymnastics that went on at the bargaining table regarding payments and departure wording is mind-blowing.

Kudos to The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette for taking the high road of educating us throughout this travesty.

Barbara Costa


Lindsey Graham’s bad advice for Trump Jr. reckless

I am deeply concerned about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s legal advice recently to Donald Trump Jr. to ignore the subpoena from Congress. Graham’s public comments about this issue demonstrate a reckless abandonment of the rule of law and the Constitution. As a lawyer, he clearly knows better.

It appears that not only is Graham carrying President Donald Trump’s golf bags, but he is also carrying Trump’s water in the Senate. Graham was elected to represent the interests of South Carolinians, not those of Trump. Graham needs to go. Vote him out in 2020.

Candace Humphrey

Hilton Head Island

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