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No dedicated lunchtime? SC teachers deserve better

Thousands of teachers march to SC State House

South Carolina teachers, students and advocates marched to the State House to call on lawmakers to increase their pay and approve reforms that improve the state’s public schools.
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South Carolina teachers, students and advocates marched to the State House to call on lawmakers to increase their pay and approve reforms that improve the state’s public schools.

I thought state Superintendent Molly Spearman’s recent op-ed was fine. But there was one item that I found truly shocking. In the fourth paragraph from the end, she wrote, in part: “South Carolina’s teachers deserve dedicated planning and lunchtime ...” Her implication that our teachers are being denied lunchtime, if true, is a shocking revelation demanding immediate redress.

It is pathetic that this needs to be pointed out, but they also deserve time for bathroom breaks and perhaps even some additional time for dealing with other personal and familial concerns. Is that asking too much? What kind of a school system is this state running?

Paul A. Becker

Sun City Hilton Head

Will times ever change?

Even if letters to newspapers will only last for a nanosecond of time in the public consciousness, this one is worth every minute of my time.

For years, I have been saying that the only hope for counteracting many of these man-made environmental time bombs will be the youth. And politicians, beware!

Many of today’s youth are finally waking up to what their futures have in store. From toxic and genetically manipulated foods, fouled air and oceans, weather catastrophes, etc.

In my younger days, a song by Bob Dylan titled, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” was an inspiration to many of us. (Lyrics on the web.) But no stopping the downhill slide. In recent times, I was delighted to see youth from around the world protesting against political leaders whose heads are in the sand on climate change.

Over a decade ago, I wrote a letter to a local newspaper in New York in total disbelief that major oil-producing companies would sacrifice their own progeny to reap huge profits from fossil fuels. They could have been the heroes with developing clean, alternative energies. (They could have ...)

While shaving this morning, I heard an old Marvin Gaye song (“Mercy Mercy Me”) that struck me so deeply almost 50 years ago. It did the same today. Sad that nothing much has changed; has only gotten worse. There are also spiritual connections to many of today’s maladies that are almost universally ignored by all. Clear and convincing explanations can be found at: www.grailmessage.com.

Gene Ceccarelli


Make politicians choose country over party

I think that U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott and my representative, Joe Cunningham, have to know the president is not above the law. If not, they do not deserve to represent the good people of South Carolina, most of whom are thoroughly disgusted by what is going on inside the Beltway.

The legislature is a co-equal branch of government, designed by our Founding Fathers to be part of the system of checks and balances. Again, I feel like I am explaining something every sixth grader should know.

However, my elected officials’ blind trust in a man who is so clearly beyond temperamentally unfit is really beginning to unnerve those of their constituents who are sane, rational, and compassionate human beings.

The hyper-partisan nonsense needs to end, unless their intent is to completely torch the Constitution and destroy our democracy. The time to act is now. I urge my elected officials to choose their country over their political party.

Celeste P. Hunt


Finally, Trump gives us a president with backbone

Despite his sometimes bizarre behavior, we finally have a president with backbone. Former presidents have accepted empty promises from other countries to prevent negotiations from looking fruitless. As a result, we acquired a reputation of being a pathetic dupe. Not anymore. Unless foreign nations play fairly, President Donald Trump will now compel them to suffer the consequences.

Henry Grenesko


How I used by my plastic newspaper bag

In response to the May 9 writer regarding a use for the newspaper’s plastic protector. It worked very nicely when I broke my wrist and had a cast. I was able to use it to cover my cast so I could take a shower.

Nancy Munzig


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