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On Hilton Head, is it ‘Islanders’ Beach Park’ or ‘Anybody’s Beach Park’?

Which beaches do Beaufort County locals prefer?

For many, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season, which means it's the beginning of beach season. There is no shortage of beaches in Beaufort County, but which ones do the locals frequent?
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For many, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season, which means it's the beginning of beach season. There is no shortage of beaches in Beaufort County, but which ones do the locals frequent?

In July, I will be a resident of Hilton Head Island for 34 years. Needless to say, I’ve seen many changes. One disappointing change occurred at Islanders’ Beach Park. This beach was intended for Hilton Head residents and their guests, and those who own property here and pay taxes here.

I began seeing large, van-like hotel vehicles drop off tourists throughout the day, every day. I have nothing against tourists. After all, they keep us in business. But when did this become OK?

To make matters worse, the town installed parking meters to accommodate non-residents while the rest of us circle around and around in the hopes of finding a parking space. We residents and property owners pay for these spaces in our taxes and in our beach-pass fees. Why are we now left with this frustrating inconvenience?

Maybe it’s time to change the name from Islanders’ Beach Park to “Anybody’s Beach Park.”

Anita Krimm

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island High School will recover

Finally it’s over. After a thorough five-month investigation, with Hilton Head High School Principal Amanda O’Nan receiving her salary, a resignation has been tendered.

But in usual perpetrator fashion, potshots are taken at those who are in charge so that she can make herself out to be the victim of her sordid behavior.

Kudos to Beaufort County School District interim superintendent Herb Berg and the others who carried out their responsibilities and investigated O’Nan’s lengthy in-school behavior abuse of the Employees Rules and Regulations School Policy.

Former principal O’Nan set herself up to fail with her “No-Tell Motel” high school office escapades, and has only herself to blame.

In reality, Hilton Head Island High School will recover from this scandal.

It’s time to put all of this behind us and move forward.

Lyn Piwko Bullard

Hilton Head Island

Plenty more to do for solar power in SC

We should all be thankful for state Sen. Tom Davis and the advocacy groups for supporting the Energy Freedom Act, which addresses solar power.

Most likely, it does not go far enough and should have been passed 10 years ago. We individual residents will still have to struggle with community POAs and ARBs to allow solar panels on our houses. The bill should prevent local communities from restricting solar panels and should go so far as to require them on all new construction – as does the California mandate starting in 2020.

Otherwise, we are still 10 to 15 years away from making progress on this critical component of our energy generation.

Thomas Nickles


Hilton Head must do more to train bicyclists

Bikes, yikes! Please urge Hilton Head Island bike rental companies, hotels and homeowners who rent to advise tourists of the rules of the road, especially to ring a bell or announce themselves verbally behind walkers. I was knocked down in Palmetto Dunes last week by a wobbly teenager. It could have been disastrous as I have two bad shoulders.

Carol Nickel

Hilton Head Island

Cars, cyclists: use the correct stop signs

Ekkk! We need to somehow spread the word to visitors in cars and visiting cyclists about whose traffic signs are whose.

Cars should not stop (usually suddenly!) if they see a bike trail stop sign sign (they are the shorter stop signs), but cyclists should stop for bike trail signs as well as any other stop sign.

Bonnie Hall

Hilton Head Island

I return newspaper bags to my carrier

A reader stated, “I am hard pressed to find a way to reuse the bags surrounding my daily paper.” I save all of mine and after accumulating a month’s worth, I return them to my carrier. She appreciates this gesture very much since carriers have to pay for those bags. I also return the non-reusable plastic grocery bags to Walmart. Try recycling. It helps.

Harry McKee


Go, John Daly

Gee, I haven’t given much thought to John Daly lately, but after reading the scathing story in Saturday’s paper, I hope he wins the dang tournament.

Sue Murphy

Hilton Head Island

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