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Privilege. Beaufort County fatal boat crash brings national issue home

A history of the Murdaugh family’s powerful influence on SC

For more than a century, the Murdaugh name has stood for power and justice in South Carolina. How much influence have they historically had?
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For more than a century, the Murdaugh name has stood for power and justice in South Carolina. How much influence have they historically had?

‘Privilege’ a true issue

I have enjoyed the reactions to Liz Farrell’s column on Paul Murdaugh’s treatment in our court. My heart reaches out to all of those involved. This is a tragedy of operatic proportions for all involved. Lives have been lost and possibly ruined in ways that you can’t come back from.

The responses of letter writers shines a light on one of the harshest issues of the past several decades in America. Privilege. If you don’t have it, you are at a severe disadvantage in our legal system. Just ask any poor person or a minority person. Some letters reflect an indignation probably not seen in this nation since Rosa Parks refused to give up her front row seat in the “colored section” on that bus in 1955.

I’m reminded of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous quotes about how the rich are different from the masses.

Most of us are not aware of our privilege until faced with a dilemma such as young Mr. Murdaugh is facing. You can be born into privilege or you can earn your way into it. That’s our American dream. Civil rights leaders all the way back to MLK have been telling us that the dream does not exist for everyone — by law and custom. We need to take stock of this in order to go on as a nation.

This case will point out the differences in treatment in so many ways over the coming years. I will personally pray for all involved.

Stephen Newsom


O’Nan has no one but herself to blame

After her resignation, Amanda O’Nan’s Facebook page posting of a prayer for certain Beautfort County school officials re: living in glass houses and throwing stones, was quite smug and arrogant. The Island Packet has reported that the popular Hilton Head High Island High School principal had demonstrated abhorrent personal behavior on public school property and repeatedly denied doing so.

The Facebook posting also included an apology to her followers for “any hurt or disappointment” she had caused them. It would have been nice of O’Nan to have included in her apology all of the county residents who have been paying her salary and trusting her with educating our young people.

O’Nan has no one but herself to blame for her behavior. I believe it was a good decision for her to move on and I wish her the best. Hopefully this will be a lesson for her former students in the importance of personal responsibility. We should also remember that, “every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.”

Howard D. Sassman


Beaufort County offices should not close for day of training

On a recent Wednesday my husband went to the Beaufort County government offices in Bluffton to register a vehicle.

After going to the county auditor’s office, his next stop was the county treasurer’s office. That office was closed the entire day for training. He could not complete his task.

The next day, I accompanied him to the treasurer’s office. I questioned the staff member about the office closing on Wednesday and she said every department in Beaufort County shuts down for training at some point during the year.

I worked for the county of Westchester in New York for 36 years. It would be unheard of to close an entire department for training. Training sessions for Beaufort County should be done with skeleton coverage so that residents get the services we are entitled to receive.

Dale Susan Terwilliger


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