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Column shows ‘good-old-boy’ system at work in SC

A history of the Murdaugh family’s powerful influence on SC

For more than a century, the Murdaugh name has stood for power and justice in South Carolina. How much influence have they historically had?
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For more than a century, the Murdaugh name has stood for power and justice in South Carolina. How much influence have they historically had?

I remember a saying from my days as a military wife: rank has its privileges.

Apparently that holds true in South Carolina legal circles as well. Liz Farrell in her column on May 8 certainly hit the nail on the head ( “No cuffs. No jumpsuit. No jail. Paul Murdaugh gets a gentleman’s treatment in SC court”).

No check for alcohol on two young men involved in a boating accident that took the life of one person and injured others?

No true mugshot for the almost-adult who was indicted by the Grand Jury?

No arrest upon being charged?

Instead, the state Attorney General’s office used the loophole that allowed them to directly indict him without many of the usual procedures that others would have been subjected to.

Ms. Farrell’s column called it “a gentleman’s agreement.” I call it another example of the “good-old-boy system,” alive and well in South Carolina.

Sunni Bond

Hilton Head Island

Mean-spirited column on Murdaugh case sophomoric, shallow

Shame on Liz Farrell for her mean-spirited column about the Murdaugh family.

The use of tired and trite metaphors to disparage this young man was inexcusable and poor journalism. I object to the slanderous depiction of this family that is in the midst of searching for justice from this tragic accident. Words of empathy and generosity of spirit would have better served our community, which grieves with both the Murdaugh and the Beach families.

The attempt to critique our judicial system was misplaced in this sensitive case. I appreciate the court’s processing procedure as described here as exemplary. The suggestion that it is different for others is unsubstantiated.

This column should not have been on the front page but on the Opinion page, if there is such a page for sarcastic, sophomoric and shallow writing.

Lynda Rankin


So much news, so many opinions

So many things going on in the news these days, and I have so many opinions. With today’s short attention spans, here’s a quick summary:

1. We lost a great principal in Amanda O’Nan. Making a big deal of her potential transgression was a mistake on the whole. The president of the United States has done worse.

2. I felt sorry for Paul Murdaugh at first. Probably many readers can relate to drinking underage and making a mistake. Yes, this result was tragic, but the kid has also ruined his life. Again, I was sympathetic until I read Liz Farrell’s column on the instances of special treatment he’s been getting. That is not right.

3. $120 million in tax breaks to move a Carolina Panther’s training facility over the border to South Carolina? In a word: no. State Sen. Dick Harpootlian did a great job in trying to fight this. How will a training facility make money for South Carolina?

4. What is being done to bring new businesses to Hilton Head Island? It seems everyone is leaving for Bluffton. I hear nothing from the mayor (who is the mayor these days?). Come on, Hilton Head. Get your mojo back.

David Luellen

Hilton Head Island

Murdaugh case: None of this is cute or funny

Liz Farrell’s two-page column on the Paul Murdaugh case was yellow journalism at best. What was the need to be so “cute” making fun of the 20-year-old Murdaugh? The snide remark about a “non-Murdaugh” being cuffed and taken to jail? Young Murdaugh “regarding” the guard as a waiter with pink-eye? You think this is a situation that needs humor to entertain the reader? None of this is cute, funny or reason to smirk.

Dyan H. Drew


Refreshing to read truth in Liz Farrell column

In response to a letter regarding Liz Farrell’s column, what is contemptible is the injustice in this nation’s court system that we are seeing demonstrated right here in “River City.” Our nation is getting lies every day. It is refreshing to read the truth from Liz Farrell.

Sandra Brown Jordan


Murdaugh column: Innocent until proven guilty

Liz Farrell’s column was not front-page stuff. Apparently, she is upset with the way this case is being handled and she thinks that the suspect should be treated worse than a normal suspect, because of his pedigree. Put it on the editorial page where it belongs. Innocent until proven guilty.

Wayne Wicker


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