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‘No cuffs. No jumpsuit’ column on Murdaugh contemptible

Bond is set in Beaufort fatal boat wreck, jailer approaches Paul Murdaugh with chains

A Beaufort County, S.C. jailer approaches Paul Murdaugh with chains after Judge Steven John sets bond in fatal boat wreck that killed Mallory Beach
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A Beaufort County, S.C. jailer approaches Paul Murdaugh with chains after Judge Steven John sets bond in fatal boat wreck that killed Mallory Beach

Columnist Liz Farrell’s venomous, caustic and sarcastic attack on a young man charged with a serious crime was absolutely contemptible (“No cuffs. No jumpsuit. No jail. Paul Murdaugh gets a gentleman’s treatment in SC court”).

Perhaps if this young man came from a background more to her political or socio-economic liking, rather than a family background of success, accomplishment, hard work and dedication, she might have viewed him with a degree of compassion. I am sure we could hear stories of the anguish of his parents, his love of puppies, dedication to his faith and kindness to his grandmother and maiden aunts. Perhaps if the young man showed up in court with a hooded sweatshirt, baggy trousers hoisted below his buttocks and a baleful glare on his face, rather than a blazer and frightened look, he might have been more sympathetic to Ms. Farrell’s sensibilities.

Ms. Farrell voices opinions that one might expect from the “occupy Wall Street” crowd or a red-flag waving participant of a May Day celebration in Nicaragua. The only inflammatory phrase that she missed was white privilege, although “gentleman’s agreement” and “white gloved” came sickeningly close.

If her goal was to stir up class envy, influence juries, and tip the scales of justice to her liking, this was a good start.

Kenneth H. Sailley

Hilton Head Island

Please keep reporting truth of a ‘good old boys network’

My wife and I want to tell you how much we enjoyed Liz Farrell’s column, “No cuffs. No jumpsuit. No jail. Paul Murdaugh gets a gentleman’s treatment in SC court.”

It is very refreshing to have a columnist who is unafraid to write the truth of a “good old boys network” that is very apparent in Beaufort County, and evidently reaches to the state level.

Paul Murdaugh should have been booked in the same manner as most other citizens charged with committing a crime, and definitely should not have received any special favors.

The justice system should be applied fairly and equally to all citizens, no matter what their social or financial status.

We have been following this story from the beginning and the apparent lack of thorough investigation of this suspect by local and state authorities is appalling. The legal authorities should be ashamed of the white glove treatment they are giving him because of his family.

Thank you again, and please keep on reporting the truth.

Rick Montgomery


For more than a century, the Murdaugh name has stood for power and justice in South Carolina. How much influence have they historically had?

Losing Hilton Head principal Amanda O’Nan is a travesty

Sanctimony is tough to swallow anytime, but particularly when exhibited as it has been by Beaufort County School District interim superintendent Herb Berg, the school district human resources office, this newspaper and some members of the school board toward Amanda O’Nan.

What a travesty that our community has lost an award-winning principal in this ridiculous situation. The Hilton Head Island High School community spoke loud and clear and begged to have Ms. O’Nan retained as principal, yet again the interim superintendent and school board failed to listen to their constituents.

Principals such as this are few and far between, and I, for one, have little faith that this administration will install someone as talented.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones because when they do, the resulting shards can take a long, long time to sweep up.

Anne Ballance

Hilton Head Island

Actually, SC roads are excellent — compared to Maine

With all due respect to your recent letter writer, the roads in South Carolina are in excellent shape.

The first thing I notice on my trips to the Hilton Head Island area are how smooth the roads are and how comfortable the ride is.

Coming from Maine, where drivers routinely cross the center line to avoid massive potholes and tires are often shredded by the exposed pavement on the side of the holes, the old joke goes that some potholes are large enough to swallow a Volkswagen Beetle.

When it comes to road safety, however, I agree completely with the writer. Hardly a day passes without an accident on U.S. 278 and other local roads that snarls the traffic, injures people and makes headlines in the paper.

Mac Hayden


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