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Protect future of Lowcountry. Is this really asking too much?

Preservation tactics work in the Lowcountry’s ACE Basin.
Preservation tactics work in the Lowcountry’s ACE Basin. Staff file photo

We who live along the coast believe the Lowcountry is a special place. On Earth Day, as I picked up trash on Old Sheldon Church Road, I was reminded there is little community agreement on what the Lowcounty is, and how to manage and protect it.

▪  In January, I was disappointed to see SCE&G installing tall, metal pylons from St. Helena Island over the marsh to Harbor Island. These industrial fixtures, in addition to the future flyover Harbor Island Bridge, are totally changing the character of a highly-used, visually- and culturally-sensitive area.

▪  I recently attended Port Royal’s meeting to consider a large electric billboard at the base of the Broad River bridge. I can think of few things that would destroy the scenic view to and from the bridge. While the sign was defeated, the specter of an even uglier large hotel at the end of the bridge was thrown at the audience.

▪  A constant irritant is public littering of our highways. Okatie Highway to Savannah, to name one, is a disgrace. It’s shameful that citizens, state, county and city elected leaders and companies conspire against meaningful controls.

Beaufort and Jasper counties need more specific plans for protecting Lowcountry values. At a minimum, there should be an inventory of sites important to protecting our perception of the Lowcountry. These lands should be purchased or processes put in place that ensure that development proposals protect our values.

Citizens should embrace the hard work of others to protect the Lowcountry. We shouldn’t have to endure the whines of people not getting a plastic straw or plastic bag, regardless of their impact.

Am I really asking for that much?

Robert Hendricks


Trump needs a job manual

Regardless of whether or not you like Donald Trump, the common-sense question that remains is how does he do his job when he spends so much time watching Fox News, Tweeting, playing golf, and attending MAGA campaign rallies?

The presidency is a job of utmost seriousness and requires intelligence, genuine education, executive skills, diplomacy, sensitivity, and self-sacrifice — not to mention plain old unglamorous hard work.

There is no way that Donald Trump is equipped, makes the required effort, or takes the time to do anything other than shoot from the hip and make impulsive and costly last-minute — often unilateral — pronouncements and decisions. He has become the Shirker-in-Chief — not a positive reflection on our country or a proper role model for our children.

Perhaps, one of our living ex-presidents — or all three — should compile an official work description and a manual of required tasks for the “Executive Position of President of the United States,” that may deter prospective candidates who seek the status rather than the actual job. I want to be assured that the president is working harder and smarter than the rest of us.

Kate McClintic


Please repeat ‘Motown 60’

As a male senior citizen, I had to write this: This last Sunday night’s CBS presentation of “Motown 60: A GRAMMY Celebration” was truly a wonderful example of an attempt to bring our country together without any political implications.

With Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and a multitude of other great artists going, almost nonstop, for two hours, it was a memorable show. Not to mention the inclusion of the great ones of past years. I could go on and on, but will stop with the hopes of CBS showing that show over and over. Diana Ross serenading Berry Gordy was perfect.

Memories galore.

Jim Hawkins

Hilton Head Island

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