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Get control of loud cars in Beaufort

The streets and roadways of Beaufort have become a street racing mecca for young Marines and locals raising Cain with their cars.

It’s a sad day when laws that prohibit this type of activity aren’t enforced.

Beaufort and the state of South Carolina have laws and ordinances dealing with vehicles that produce loud, excessive muffler noise.

The Marine Corps issues tickets for loud, aggressive noise created by muscle cars on base. I have contacted the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort numerous times regarding Marines and locals in Beaufort tearing up Boundary Street, Parris Island Gateway and the Walmart area with their cars.

As a member of the military police at the air station summed it up: “It looks like these cars are multiplying.” It appears that driving muscle cars with loud mufflers has become a recreational activity in Beaufort.

Michael Thompson


Keep focus on America’s constitutional principles

The United States has been described as a constitutional form of government. Agree?

So why the socialist dilemma now being discussed in the media?

Are we not a democracy where a capitalistic society of private businesses, industries and entrepreneurial individuals flourish?

It has been said, that we are not a “pure” democracy, but very few countries are.

In fact, a republic form of government sounds very much like our democracy. Webster’s defines a republic as “a nation in which the supreme power vests in all citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by their representatives,” and a democracy as “a government in which the people hold the ruling power, either directly or through elected representatives.”

We do rely heavily on the federal government for Social Security and Medicare and a host of acronym agencies like the FHA, FAA, FDA, IRS, FBI, CIA, ICE, etc. Adding to this confusion are other descriptions used to describe our form of government, such as “representative democracy,” “democratic socialism,” “Constitutional democracy,” “federal republic,” and my favorite hybrid, “democratic republic.”

In reality, the interpretation of our form of government is a moving target, depending on the current socio-economic climate and what political party is in control.

The danger comes if our basic institutions of freedom and opportunity are subverted by ever-changing ideologies. Whether we like it or not, you and I are the guardians of these freedoms. We have the duty and responsibility to see that out representatives uphold our basic constitutional rights and principles, regardless of how our government is identified.

Earle Everett

Moss Creek

How did the United States come to this?

My sister-in-law and I saw “Unplanned” on Hilton Head Island. I am an RN and have seen many sad and horrifying things, but the abortion of this fetus was not only horrifying but savage.

It was heartbreaking. I was not sure if I wanted to watch it, but I did so that I myself could say to anyone, “Yes, this is murder without a conscience.”

I urge everyone to see what this country is doing regarding the abortion issue.

Look at this small, very alive fetus and think of the 9-month, full-term baby allowed to be aborted in New York. How did we get to this point in our country? Who are these people who don’t value any life?

Pray for what this country is becoming. Please stay strong to all those who still have a conscience. Speak out, even if you offend someone. We cannot remain silent anymore in order to save the values this country was founded on. Pray.

Sandra Ploszaj

Hilton Head Island

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