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Support right-to-life cause with ‘Unplanned’ movie ticket

Thank you so much for printing the excellent editorial-page column about the current movie “Unplanned.”

The author made some great points, the first of which is why the movie is rated “R.” Not for sex, nudity, language, drug use or other societal issues, but for violence. Violence against children. That was what convinced me that we need to go to the movie.

I have been praying about whether or not to attend for some time. As a very visual person, I wasn’t sure that I could bear to see what I might be shown.

Then I realized that by not supporting this movie by my attendance, several things could happen. First, the movie would vanish, as it has from another local theater, because of lack of attendance . Secondly, the world needs to know that abortion is violence against children and women. How will we truly know unless we learn?

Now we know for sure, because of ultrasound, that a child is alive with a beating heart very soon after conception.

Abortion is therefore the death of a living person. Bad enough to learn. But this film teaches us about the way that helpless child dies.

Frankly, I don’t want to see it. But, by attending, maybe, just maybe, it’s a vote to end this senseless killing of the unborn.

Even if you can’t attend for whatever reason, buy at ticket. Speak with your money and your presence.

It’s time for Americans to speak out for our values, before it’s too late.

Judi Clifford

Hilton Head Island

Mueller prosecutions were reckless

Rick Gates, Konstantin Kilimnik, retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, Richard Pinedo, Paul Manafort and Alex van der Zwaan.

All the above (six out of seven are American citizens) have been found guilty or pleaded guilty to process crimes by the team of special counsel Robert Mueller. Their crimes are the outgrowth of the investigation of President Donald Trump. Nothing directly relating to the purpose of the investigation — collusion or interference with the investigation.

So, Mueller did not find any crime was committed relative to Russian collusion. So, they cannot recommend prosecution for anyone anymore. Yet these people are now criminals with felony records and spent a significant amount of their personal savings defending themselves. These people should not have been interviewed since there was no evidence of a crime being committed in the first place.

Flynn chose to admit guilt to one charge after Mueller team allegedly threatened to charge his son with criminal activity. Since it would have resulted in the son’s hiring a lawyer and incurring his own legal fees to defend himself, the general took the fall. He took the deal. Can you understand why?

Do those reckless prosecutions now get overturned? Does Mueller, using our taxpayer dollars, reimburse them for those legal fees?

As for Manafort, Gates and Cohen, they committed so many other crimes before they joined Trump’s campaign, they deserve time in jail. It’s a shame it took the government so long to catch up with them.

Richard Geraghty


‘Monster Unknown’ series local, insightful

I disagree with the recent letter to your paper about the “Monster Unknown” series. I found Liz Farrell’s series to be interesting, insightful, and extremely well-written. She left no stone unturned in detailing the events over the years. This series was “local news” at its best. Keep up the good work, Liz!

Mae Graziano

Hilton Head Island

Rape articles on front page?

Do you really need to place Liz Farrell’s “bad acts” detailed rape articles on the front page of the Packet?

Rosemary Kimball

Hilton Head Island

Series writer deserves praise

Liz Farrell, the writer of the “Monster Unknown” series, deserves much praise for her literary skill. This was well-written and this person displays a rare gift. Some may not have wanted it as a replacement, perhaps, for some other stories, but I was impressed. She deserves thanks for a job well done.

Walter Ding

Moss Creek

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