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Hilton Head bike season is here; pay attention, everyone, for zero deaths

In this file photo, a family of tourists crosses Pope Avenue near the Coligny Beach Park traffic circle while one biker stops traffic on Hilton Head Island.
In this file photo, a family of tourists crosses Pope Avenue near the Coligny Beach Park traffic circle while one biker stops traffic on Hilton Head Island. Staff file photo

It looks to be a very busy tourist season on Hilton Head Island. The recent tragic death of a visiting bicyclist highlights the vulnerability of cyclists and pedestrians. Pedestrians struck by a motor vehicle traveling 40 mph have a less that 10 percent chance of survival.

Tourists are here, on vacation, with more coming. They sometimes are careless. So here are some suggestions.

For motorists:

1. Speed kills. Don’t speed.

2. Don’t roll through stop signs. At intersections, look twice in both directions before entering traffic.

3. If you see a waiting bicyclist, make eye contact, and then decide who goes first.

4. When making right turns onto roads or driveways, look to the right for approaching cyclists.

Cyclists and pedestrians, most crashes happen at intersections. So please:

1. Always make eye contact with drivers of waiting vehicles at intersections.

2. Pay attention to what is around you.

3. Stop at roadway stop signs.

4. Be mindful that in South Carolina, motor vehicles have the right of way. So if a vehicle stops while you are waiting at a crosswalk, don’t go. Wait for a traffic opening. There may be a hidden approaching vehicle.

5. Cross arterial roads at signalized intersections or an underpass.

We all are the people responsible for safety: motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

So please err on the side of caution, be patient, pay attention, and no texting or distracted driving. Remember, we once were those bikers running around our island.

Zero deaths, everyone. That’s our goal going forward.

Frank Babel


Hilton Head Island Bicycle Advisory Committee

Where was the supervision?

It is sad to see where a young girl is often bullied at school. Then we read that a fifth-grade girl is killed in the classroom in Walterboro. I am a retired and former interim teacher. I went from sadness to anger.

Where was the supervision, especially in today’s school environment?

Joe Airsman

Hilton Head Island

Lindsey Graham the new concern

The media, psychiatrists and commentators can now temporarily suspend questions about President Donald Trump’s mental ability to perform his job.

There is a new individual who requires their scrutiny: Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham, who has become President Trump’s lapdog, has announced, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, that he would ask Attorney General Robert Barr to appoint a special counsel to determine whether the Obama administration’s Justice Department acted unlawfully to help bolster Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He also said he might look into the FBI’s handling of Clinton’s emails.


This is bonkers, nuts and just plain weird. What was he thinking, or, is he capable of thinking? The Justice Department does not belong to Obama. And he left the White House two years ago. Hillary Clinton’s emails? Republicans have been investigating her emails for years and so far have found nothing criminal. Now, Graham wants to start beating these dead horses.

It has been strange to watch Graham’s transformation from John McCain’s best buddy to Trump’s best buddy. Now he channels every Trump word, hangs out at Mar-a-Lago and is Trump’s constant golf companion.

There seems to be little hope that Graham will use his position in the Senate to address the many critical problems facing the country.

Rather, he prefers to swim in the swamp in Washington that Trump vowed to drain.

Terry Gibson

Lady’s Island

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