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Here’s why they would blast Sen. Tom Davis on medical marijuana

Flyer from unknown source that was mailed to residents of coastal South Carolina
Flyer from unknown source that was mailed to residents of coastal South Carolina

It should be no mystery as to where the funding came from for the expensive mailing that was sent out trashing our state Sen. Tom Davis and his medical marijuana bill.

I am an 88-year-old woman, with multiple arthritic problems, including a shoulder that needs replacement, and carpal tunnel in need of surgery.

At Thanksgiving of 2018, I began taking cannabis oil. So far in 2019, I have probably taken less than $10 in medicines, including ibuprofen, aspirin, laxatives, fiber supplements, sleeping aids, and herbal supplements like Melatonin. No wonder the big pharmaceutical companies are panicking! Think of the hundreds of dollars they are losing on me alone.

Virginia Storin

Hilton Head Island

Beaufort County needs law against the loud noise of muscle cars

South Carolina law 56-50-5020 makes it illegal to modify vehicle muffler systems to produce excessive and unusual loud noise.

A Beaufort city ordinance states it’s illegal to drive or propel a motor vehicle that emits loud or unseemly loud noise that disturbs any business, neighborhood or citizen in the city. It’s unlawful to operate a vehicle by advancing the throttle (revving) to produce a loud vehicle noise.

Beaufort County does not have a similar ordinance to address the noise created by vehicles on the highways in Beaufort County.

The routes these muscle cars often take include Boundary Street, Parris Island Gateway, and Trask Parkway to the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

Lexington County near Columbia is experiencing the same problem as Beaufort County and are issuing “Fix it Tickets” to vehicles given tickets violating the Lexington County ordinance dealing with loud vehicle noise.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted to enforce state law, and the Beaufort County Council has been contacted to pursue development of a noise ordinance for these vehicles.

Mike Thompson


Hilton Head, protect your history, as Beaufort is doing

Congratulations to Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling for seeing the importance of bringing to fruition the Reconstruction Era National Historical Park.

The citizens of Beaufort should be pleased that their mayor saw the importance of preserving history. Mayor Keyserling has made a very wise decision to preserve history while seeing the long-range benefits it will provide for not only raising awareness of culture and tradition but also the economic and historical recognition it will bring to his area.

Here on Hilton Head Island, our historical corridor — that has existed since the Civil War with three historic churches and a fully intact Fort Howell — is being overshadowed by an airport.

This writer hopes the mayor and Town Council of Hilton Head will recognize, as Mayor Keyserling has, the treasure we have on Beach City Road, and will work to enhance and preserve it to make it the area tourists and history buffs want to visit and enjoy.

Dorothy Scanlin

Hilton Head Island

Does the truth still matter?

Perhaps we forget. Our parents tried to instill in us some basic rules of how we are supposed to try and live our lives. You know, all about things that are part of the Golden Rule. It really is not complicated. Like respect for others and telling the truth. That people in positions of authority should be special and that we should follow their lead. That we want good examples for our children. That character matters. That respect is earned, and telling the truth is important.

What path do we want our own children to follow? Who do we want their values determined by? Does the truth still matter? Do we look the other way when we know it is a lie? When are there enough examples to convince us?

Raymond Dias


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