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Action, please! Beaufort desperate for indoor movie theater

Movie theater at Beaufort Plaza has closed to make way for a Publix supermarket.
Movie theater at Beaufort Plaza has closed to make way for a Publix supermarket. Staff file

This is my attempt to get someone with power in Beaufort to address the fact that we no longer have an indoor movie theater.

I’ve contacted Mayor Billy Keyserling and David Lauderdale, who published almost my entire letter in his Feb. 13 column. I am very grateful to him for this and for pointing out that we have a Beaufort International Film Festival, but no commercial indoor theater.

Yes, I am aware that USCB is now showing commercial movies at night, but somehow taking kids and grandkids to see movies we can get in the Red Box just doesn’t work.

My point is this: Someone please build a new movie theater or restore the one on Lady’s Island. Another idea might be to use the empty Publix building on Lady’s Island instead of replacing it with the proposed Harris-Teeter. With a Walmart, Publix and Food Lion all within a mile in an already congested area, do we really need another grocery store?

This goes way beyond our lack of an indoor theater. Beaufort is special because we are a real community, built on longtime residents, including Gullah-Geechee and Marine Corps families, and people from other areas who chose to live here instead of joining the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton/Florida migration. We take great pride in being new and old Beaufortonians. We do not wish to be a suburb of Bluffton.

Yes, I feel very passionate about this issue, and I assure you that there are hundreds just like me. What say you?

Kathy Wadley

Lady’s Island

George Will’s ‘government for the rich’

I do get tired of George Will

Once again, (Island Packet Feb. 18, March 11) he is hiding his “government for the rich” agenda with attacks on emerging socialism, including a narrowly-discussed idea called MMT that sounds exactly like trickle-down economics except the beneficiaries are the poor, not the rich. As usual, George ignored a few facts.

Whether you give the rich a dollar tax cut or the poor a dollar benefit, the national debt is increased by a dollar. Second, the national debt in 1980 was less than $1 trillion, and that included paying for wars, depressions, interstate highways and a healthy dose of social-support programs. This sound financial position existed because Congress adjusted tax rates up or down as needed in order to keep the national debt under control.

In 1980, the Republicans, at the direction of their Wall Street and corporate bosses, waged war on the middle class and the poor by reducing effective taxes on the rich, hoping to eliminate or reduce social programs by citing budget deficits. Only problem, the nation as a whole has little tolerance for that kind of social injustice. However, the rich have continued to get their tax reductions.

Finally, George always forgets that Social Security and Medicare were enacted as self-supporting programs; unfortunately, Congressional mismanagement keeps them in constant jeopardy .

Funny thing, for all these benefits we give the middle-class and the poor, their share of the nation’s wealth continues to decline, while George’s elite friends just get richer.

Richard Wallace


Unfortunately for Joe Cunningham, he’s a Democrat

Joe Cunningham. Nice guy, good guy. Went to Washington promising to be a “different kind of Democrat.” As promised, voted against Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. She won. Advocated for border security. Overruled. For all their rhetoric about pluralism, diversity and tolerance, the Democratic Party has been highjacked by radicals who march in lockstep. They propose 70 percent tax brackets, abolishing all private health care and enacting laws (New York) even celebrating the abortion of the unborn right up to the time of birth.

The reality is when the policy rubber meets the road, there are no different kinds of Democrats. A vote for any Democrat is a vote for Pelosi. I’m sure a lot of very good folks thought they were doing the right thing this past November. Joe Cunningham might even have been the right man. But he belongs to the wrong party. As the Germans lamented in World War I about their Austrian allies, Joe could make a similar complaint. He, too, is shackled to a corpse.

Steve Quick

Hilton Head Island

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