Letters to the Editor

Another forest falls on Hilton Head

It takes a lot of nerve to name the newly-approved gated community on Hilton Head Island’s north end The Estuary. Another forest falls.

Bob Bender

Port Royal

Social Security and Medicare are not socialism

A recent letter tried to compare Social Security and Medicare to some parts of socialism.

In response, I wish to point out that the income retirees receive from Social Security is not free since we have paid into this program (which wasn’t elective) for 50 to 60 years, whereas socialism wants to provide free income to everyone, including those who can but are unwilling to work.

Also, I believe that if the money I paid into Social Security would have been invested conservatively in the stock market, I would have been able to generate more that I’m currently receiving from Social Security.

Additionally, I pay for the coverage I receive from Medicare as payments are automatically taken out of my Social Security checks each month.

The Democrats want free health care for all, which is called universal health care. You will notice when they tout their various plans, Democrats never mention how or who will pay for all of these free programs.

My Canadian friends tell me under this plan your taxes escalate and you have to wait months to get a doctor’s appointment.

If this plan is so great why do wealthy individuals (Canadians and Europeans) whose countries have these plans come to our country for treatment for serious medical problems? Will the Democrats give up their Cadillac plans and participate in this program? I doubt it, as none of them left their plans to enroll in Obamacare.

Lee Sgroi

Sun City

‘The system’ is what’s failing in gun violence

The real culprit in the never ending saga of gun violence and criminal neglect is not the police, and it is not the lack of laws. The real villain is “the system.”

So what is the system? It’s the judicial, legal and social services organizations that continue to ignore or overlook the indicators presented to them daily. The issue starts locally and in some cases reaches as high as the FBI. They fail dismally to recognize the totality of the facts and data and never connect the dots. They fail to recognize that harsh and rapid punishment is a deterrent and an example for others. Taxpayer dollars are being spent to protect us, yet they collect their checks and continually fail us with no apparent accountability.

Google the Parkland, Florida, shooter and agonize over the multiple missed opportunities to save lives. You will then see the real villains.

This is beyond just gun control. Case in point being the woman in South Carolina who had her children taken from her by Social Services yet was able to run a day care center. It’s about a woman in Michigan who killed her three children in spite of the fact that the mother’s social worker had petitioned the probate court to have her committed on the grounds that she would do harm to herself and others.

The litany of systemic errors is endless, and the faceless “system” is to blame.

Bill Kuttruff

Hilton Head Island

Eliminate this arcane process of changing the time

For our U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott:

Please rid us of this arcane, silly process we Americans go through twice a year. Support Sen. Marco Rubio’s bill eliminating daylight saving time.

Louis Costanzo


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