Letters to the Editor

Hilton Head bridge shouldn’t need replacing

Need to replace a bridge to Hilton Head Island ... really?

Maybe we’re just getting too complacent with what we can, or can’t do.

For example, the Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883 — 136 years ago. The span of the bridge to Hilton Head that they want to replace was built in 1956 — 63 years ago. And despite the advantage of greater technology and materials, it’s the one in need of replacement.

Our road construction and maintenance isn’t any better. Both U.S. 278 and the Bluffton Parkway required major repairs long before their estimated life expectancy. And both still have major flaws. And keep in mind, we don’t have the snow and ice conditions that are the major causes of road deterioration.

I’m sure we pay for quality work. It’s too bad we don’t receive it.

Donald Fredericks


No proof taxpayers are housing, feeding, and giving medical care to aliens

This is a factual response to a recent letter claiming very wrongly that illegally-present aliens receive taxpayer benefits.

Children receive free public K-12 education as the Supreme Court ruled in Plyler v. Doe. Children are never punished for their parents’ actions. Children are not considered criminals.

The Affidavit of Support requires legally-petitioned aliens to be supported at 125 percent of the local poverty level. Aliens are required to support themselves, legally present or not.

Public housing, including Section 8 subsidy, requires citizenship. Food stamps and cash welfare benefits require citizenship also. Inquire of the local Public Housing Authority on eligibility requirements. Also check with Social services on its eligibility requirements and policy.

Status checks for benefits are and must be done to determine eligibility for all forms of government benefits. Welfare is by far the most audited program in government.

My experience is as both a former Immigration officer and over 25 years residency/employment in public housing.

There really is no proof taxpayers are housing, feeding, and giving medical care to aliens, legally present or not.

William Cubley

Sun City

School district helpful on use of fields and facilities

Regarding the recent letter about the Sun City softball team receiving an email informing them of consequences if they again used the ball field at M.C. Riley without proper authorization, I can respond from my experience.

The field in question may be one administered by the county, but as someone who has dealt with the Beaufort County School District many times involving usage of facilities, including fields, gyms, cafeterias, tennis courts and performing arts centers, all I can say is that it is quite easy to obtain the necessary permit when the procedure for facility usage (set forth on the district’s website) is followed.

There is no charge to use any school district facility if you are a non-profit organization and have proof of that status, and a minimum charge if you are a for-profit organization.

However, you are required to protect the district and the taxpayers of the county by providing a certificate of liability insurance in case of personal injury or any damage to district property. There can sometimes be scheduling issues to work out and at times there can be a fee for custodial services if they are required. Our school district has to schedule, maintain and protect over 60 fields within the county and wanting to make sure they are being used responsibly does not seem unreasonable.

John Quindlen


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