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Dogs vs. birds: Respect all life on Hilton Head beach

A red knot.
A red knot. Staff file

Years ago, I used the beach for recreation, such as running, biking and exercising my dog. When I learned the beach is actually a fragile ecosystem, home to thousands of marine animals that depend on this unique and dwindling habitat for their very existence, I tempered my behavior.

The oceans and marine life are degrading daily. One thing each of us beachgoers can do is learn who is living above and below the sand and respect their rights to exist in peace.

Especially the shore birds! The beach is their home, where they eat, sleep, socialize and some even try to nest in the sand. When people plow through groupings of birds, forcing them to continuously fly away and back, these migrating and resident fellow “beings” become dangerously exhausted.

Free-running dogs are especially stress-provoking. If owners would exercise their dogs upbeach or put them on leash when approaching a group of birds trying to feed and rest, that would eliminate the fear birds must feel in their own “homes.”

Sanibel Island in Florida has rules to protect the beach habitat while allowing people to recreate fairly with friends and pets. Dogs are allowed on all beaches at all times but must be leashed. Problems solved. Everyone is satisfied.

The Bible teaches the ethic, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” It means all others, not just the human animal. Respect for all creation isn’t hard to do.

Debby Boots

Hilton Head Island

Are we banning the wrong thing?

You recently printed a letter about the local plastic bag ban being in jeopardy, which also stated that Beaufort County is looking a lot cleaner since the bag ban went into effect.

Seriously? Not only is there as much garbage as ever, my own community is actually forming a group of volunteers to pick up after the trash offenders.

Just like it’s not the gun’s fault if a person is shot, it’s not the bag’s fault for being tossed out by the wayside.

In order for Beaufort and other counties to be cleaner (try driving from Bluffton to Savannah sometime to view the disgusting mess along the roads), perhaps we should have a newspaper ban, a cardboard ban, Styrofoam ban, cigarette butt ban, can ban, bottle ban, wrapper ban, flyer ban, etc. Right.

I know — how about a ban on people who litter?

Cornelia Fahy


Doing nothing about China not an option

The United States has evolved into a world power by and large through its technological advances throughout time, including having an advanced, superior military.

Evidently we learned this month that China hacked into 27 universities in our country in an attempt to steal sophisticated military secrets.

In view of this, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how being idle in the world we live in today, when such blatant actions are taken by other countries, will undoubtedly result in the demise of our country and ultimately the world.

So, is it an acceptable political strategy to do nothing, or retaliate and hold rogue countries accountable for their actions? Seems the tough economic tariffs proposed on China, although extremely painful to our nation and our economy now, may be the only workable alternative. Think about the dire consequences if we just do nothing.

Dan Shinder

Hilton Head Island

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