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Tom Davis medical marijuana bill a valid option for SC

In this Sept. 20, 2018, file photo, an employee at a medical marijuana cultivator works on topping a marijuana plant, in Ohio.
In this Sept. 20, 2018, file photo, an employee at a medical marijuana cultivator works on topping a marijuana plant, in Ohio. AP file

I was appalled when I opened Wednesday’s hate mail assassinating the character of state Sen. Tom Davis.

Tom Davis has served our county with dedication and integrity since 2009.

The state of South Carolina should have a civilized dialogue about medical marijuana based on facts, not lies and innuendo. Thirty-three states have legalized medical marijuana for a reason. Patients who suffer from varied illnesses — from seizures to cancer to chronic pain — receive tremendous pain relief from medical marijuana. Some parents who can’t bear to see their loved ones suffer move from South Carolina.

This is a difficult subject because we have grown up in a country that criminalizes use of marijuana for many legitimate reasons. Fortunately, medical research and astounding results of pain relief merit new consideration of how this classified drug can be used in a legal, medical context. For most individuals dealing with chronic pain, most doctor’s current treatment choice is opioids (with an extremely high and dangerous addiction rate), often accompanied by catastrophic damage to patients’ stomachs.

Motivated by compassion for countless constituents who have reached out to him, Tom Davis has diligently done research for years and is doing his job as a state senator to address a subject that deserves serious reconsideration regarding its legal use.

We hope our legislature will make an informed decision. I think there’s much to be gained medically by approving legalized use of medical marijuana with strict regulations that will grant deserving patients relief and an alternative to opioids.

Margaret Richardson

Hilton Head Island

Helping cope with day care on Hilton Head

Parents, typically mothers, face the decision of returning to the workplace after the birth of a child and day care cost and availability are critical factors in those decisions. Without affordable and flexible options, it is often the mother who must forego work and career opportunities for perhaps several years to take care of their child. This reduces the number of people in the workforce, which is already constrained in all sectors of our local economy.

The recent articles regarding some home day care situations are frightening, to say the least.

We are fortunate to have several quality options here in the Lowcountry with several day care and pre-k programs that offer various levels of flexibility and cost. At The Children’s Center on Hilton Head Island, “affordability” is in our mission statement and we have been providing day care and pre-K programs for 52 years.

Currently, we welcome 160 kids a day through our doors to a facility that is highly rated by the state of South Carolina’s quality program. Nearly 80 percent of our parents receive tuition assistance based on their income level. We feel strongly that by taking kids as young as 6 weeks, through 5 years old, and offering drop offs as early as 6:30 a.m. and pickups as late as 6 p.m., we are not only contributing to the development of these kids and giving them a great start in life, but also providing a service to the local business community as well.

Jody L. Levitt

Hilton Head Island

Socialists like capital

Socialism pays well. The socialist budget minister of France resigned when it was discovered he had 600,000 Euros in a Swiss bank account. When Hugo Chavez died, he was worth $1 billion. Bernie Sanders’ estimated worth is $2 million. Bernie has three homes — one in Vermont, one in D.C. and a $575,000 vacation home on Lake Champlain. Bernie, welcome to the 1 percent.

John Nicholson

Hilton Head Island

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