Letters to the Editor

Beaufort County needs public day care


You recently published another expose’, this time about home day care centers. These are used by families who desperately need child care so that they can go to work. They are often run by a mother with her own small children. If limited to six children or less, they are exempt from the very stringent regulations on child care centers that include: small toilets, doors that open outward, exits signs, qualified staff with two persons in the room at all times, etc.

Having a regulated child care center dictates a cost of $100 or more per week to meet expenses and see some profits. Many young families leave their toddlers with family members, including teenage children after school hours.

This reveals a tremendous need in our neighborhoods, state, and nation for public day care. This is available in other developed nations, including European countries, Russia, China, Japan and New Zealand. A number of our politicians have suggested universal day care in their platforms. This would enable more parents to work and contribute to the tax base.

The other bonus would be the raising of education levels, locally and beyond.

Children who enter a structured program of day care such as Reggio Amenia and Montessori at 18 months of age are often reading or nearly reading and acquainted with all of the academic areas (math, social studies, science, music, art, etc.) when they reach first grade. They learn basic science and some Spanish when they enter first grade. They experience music and art, and are taught how to care for themselves, work in a group, and listen to and obey their teachers. My seven grandchildren did this.

Pilot programs should be set up in Beaufort County in the early learning centers in Dale, Bluffton, and St. Helena Island. The state should set up a pilot program in Jasper, a small county with deplorable test results in its public schools.

Anne C. Pollitzer

St. Helena Island

Consider costs of immigration

I have yet to hear any concern about the cost that illegal immigration is to U.S. taxpayers and citizens.

If you consider only the major items, like education, health care, housing, and food stamps that they are all eligible for because no one in government is allowed to check their status, the costs are staggering. Just the education of one person for 12 years would be $120,000 at a lowball $10,000 per year. Multiply that by the 10 million to 20 million who have done that and you are talking trillions of dollars.

We should all consider this as benefits stolen from U.S. citizens that could have improved everyone’s life. It really is no different than a bank robber stealing depositors’ money. Why is there no concern in Congress about these factors that impact all U.S. citizens?

David Phelps


Unsung Hilton Head EMT heroes deserve applause

We have needed the services of the Town of Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue on several occasions and the response time has been almost immediate. Not only were they very knowledgeable but, just as importantly, they were caring, kind and courteous to all concerned. We live in Hilton Head Plantation but are sure the EMS response is the same islandwide. We appreciate them very much and applaud them. They are our unsung heroes.

Sheila Rosenbaum

Hilton Head Island

Weather alerts

I think the television stations should use a split screen instead of just eliminating the regular programming when we have a weather event, which happens on a regular basis.

Wayne Wicker


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