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Start theater productions on Hilton Head before 8 p.m.

2017 production at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina.
2017 production at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina. Submitted

Being a transplant from New York City with ready access and visits to Broadway plays, I was very happy to find the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina when we relocated to Hilton Head Island 17 years ago.

We purchased season tickets and I even started the Theater Club in our community. The plays presented have been wonderful and we’ve enjoyed them all — of course, some more than others.

However, in my opinion, what would make theater night even better would be for the performances to begin at 7 p.m. instead of 8 p.m.

The great majority of the audience is senior citizens. Many of the performances end close to 10:15 p.m. or later. Depending on home location, you might return home as late as 11 p.m. or shortly thereafter. Night driving is not so easy, made more complicated by the late hour and the Lowcountry’s mercurial weather.

The new start time would give patrons ample time to return from work, eat dinner and still make a 7 o’clock curtain. Early dining is always available at most restaurants.

Even a 7:30 p.m. time might help.

Some Broadway productions have adjusted their curtain time on certain days. It might be something to consider for the future, thus making an already-enjoyable evening even better.

Marybeth Schnurr


Impeachment a waste of time

After reading Marc Thiessen’s opinion piece, “Michael Cohen’s ‘bombshell’ testimony didn’t explode,” I agree with him that the Democratic House majority is shamelessly trying to undermine the Donald Trump presidency.

The Democrats would love to impeach the president to align themselves in a stronger position to win back the White House. This is purely a political act. If impeached, the president will not be removed from office by the Republican-controlled Senate.

Since George Washington took office in 1789, only two occupants of the White House have been impeached. Neither was removed from office.

It would be best for the country if Congress would get back to work on its legislative agenda and cease wasting the people’s time and tax dollars on foolishness. Trump will succeed or fail on his job performance. The opposing party should nominate its best candidate in 2020 and let the people vote.

J. Dexter Pickard


Don’t accept the latest easy label

Growing up in the 1950 era, the key bugaboo word was “communism.”

Widely spread by a U.S. senator, it became the key phrase when you politically disagreed with someone.

The idea was “communist inspired,” the believer was either a “pinko” or a communist and most assuredly “un-American.” There was no room for disagreement.

Today we have a spate of writers and commentators with a new word, “socialism.”

Widely used by TV commentators, letter writers and such, it has become the new way to disagree.

Without referring to the dictionary or the encyclopedia, I wonder how many of them can define the difference between the two ideologies.

Every idea, written or espoused, with which we take issue is “socialist propaganda.”

The candidates who seek change have, in the words of a recent letter writer, “lost touch with reality.”

This is in the same manner as some believed when the radical idea of separating ourselves from the British monarch was proposed.

America’s strength lies in the fact that we can examine and accept or reject any idea and do it civilly.

Murray Turka

Hilton Head Island

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