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Sea Pines needs the help: Take it

I am still applauding the letter to the editor in the Packet Feb. 22 with the title, “Wake up Sea Pines.” It concerned the Goodwin family spending millions in Sea Pines while a group called “The Alliance” protests the next proposed Sea Pines movement to improve.

I have been visiting Sea Pines since the 1960s. I remember the aging Plantation Club with two worn-out golf courses, and the Beach Club, which was minutes from a strong wind blowing it down. If the Harbour Town Clubhouse did not improve, the PGA Tour could have said “goodbye,” along with the $100 million the RBC Heritage brings to the community annually.

The Sea Pines management, including the resort, are badly restricted by the charter that evolved from a bankruptcy years ago, and that has to be brought up to the requirements of today.

Fast forward to today. Sea Pines has a benefactor willing to spend millions to make improvements, but has a minority blocking that progress. And, to the best of my knowledge, not supplying the path or the money to replace the proposed path to the future.

James Schwarz

Hilton Head Island

Green New Deal utter stupidity

I usually make a point to disdain socialist propaganda espoused by columnist Leonard Pitts. However, I inadvertently read a recent column because it leads with President Kennedy’s “we choose to go to the moon speech.”

As usual, comrade Pitts is belittling America by advocating that we did not know how to get to the moon, but we accepted the challenge. Conversely, we have accepted our limitations and are no longer capable of accepting the big idea of the Green New Deal. I was unaware that we had limitations until Democrats Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama informed us that we had such afflictions.

As Kennedy stated, his goal was hard, but not impossible. He said “that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills ...” He said to America, if you do not go into space, you will risk becoming a dependent state.

Reaction to the Green New Deal absurdity is robust because it is based on the false premise that America can change the temperature of the planet. Let’s say that we were to accept this “deal” and, with all our ingenuity, meet its “goals.” It would not solve anything! The rest of the planet would be still be using carbon-based fuels. China would be gleefully taking advantage of the wreckage cause by our utter stupidity.

Socialist candidates are now retorting that the deal is aspirational. I would argue that to set an impossible goal is counterproductive. It demonstrates that its supporters have lost touch with reality.

Christopher D. Clayton

Hilton Head Island

It’s a personal ‘emergency’

Kudos to the gentleman who wrote the recent letter about a “different wall.”

Our president and his GOP Congress have spent more than two years leading his base and Fox News personalities to chant, “Build the wall.” Before that, he spent a year during his campaign telling the same group that Mexico would pay for the wall. Wrong!

Instead of making the “national emergency” at the southern border a priority when they took office they began dismantling the Affordable Care Act, promising the best and affordable health care. Never happened.

It was followed by the new tax law. Who benefits most? Then he began repealing everything President Barack Obama enacted. Again, who benefits the most?

Then Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un became his priorities — to what end?

Meanwhile, he and his GOP Congress did nothing to re-write and tighten immigration laws.

Now we’re nearing the beginning of the 2020 campaign cycle and he wants to be re-elected. He has nothing else to offer his base except the same old chant — build the wall. Hence, it’s his personal “national emergency” to get an extra four years as president.

Charlene Shufelt

Lady’s Island

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