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Hilton Head go-carts not all about ‘the children’

I am extremely disappointed to see that an icon of the Packet like David Lauderdale supports the developers who are eager to line their pockets at the expense of Hilton Head Island’s natural beauty and environmental uniqueness.

There is a well-managed attempt to have the Land Management Ordinance modified to allow outdoor electric go-carts. The end goal is to have dirt racing with electric go carts on Marshland Road, a goal being pursued under the false mantra of “it’s for the children.”

There are ample activities for families and children of all ages on the island without having outdoor go-cart races (go-carts are presently allowed in an indoor environment).

Do not believe that this will be an activity for children, like a hiking trail or miniature golf. This is a young-adult sport with the attendant roar of fans cheering (not the squeal of happy children) and inevitable rivalry and conflict.

This is bad for the image of the island as a place of nature and beauty, and an attempt to turn the island into another Myrtle Beach or Jersey Shore.

Please keep the uniqueness of this island and don’t buy into the developer’s storyline that this is being done for the young children and the bluehairs are standing in the way of a child’s happiness.

The next step will be motorized go-carts, which will be very hard to stop if outdoor electric cart racing has been allowed.

Jon N. LeChevet

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island High principal Amanda O’Nan deserves patience, privacy

The Island Packet is stirring the pot regarding the investigation of possible wrongdoing by Hilton Head Island High School principal Amanda O’Nan.

Instead of praising the administration and Beaufort County Board of Education for their proper and most thorough examination procedure to make sure O’Nan’s right to due process is handled in the correct, unbiased and legal manner.

O’Nan is also protecting her right to due process by staying mum and not publicly commenting.

Some parents, students are frustrated and are making foolish demands that could damage O’Nan’s rights to a fair and unbiased investigation, and those in charge must not bend and possibly relinquish or damage any part of their responsibility.

These small public demands may become moot anyway if the state decides to revoke her administrative certificate once this investigation is completed.

So let’s all be responsible adults and students and not do anything to damage this principal’s right to due process and let those in charge handle their responsibility in this situation without any interference regarding principal O’Nan.

Patience and privacy are of the utmost importance for her best interest.

Lyn Piwko Bullard

Hilton Head Island

Stop with all the ‘dirty laundry’

Bravo to the writer of the recent clear and succinct letter to the editor, “Handle Hilton Head Island High School case internally.” At last, a sane and rational man.

Like him, many of the “silent majority” have little patience or tolerance for the public accusatory proclamations or mea culpas for sometimes decades-old events. While obviously poignant to the alleged participants, they have little or no meaning to the rest of humanity who just plain enjoy life free of others’ personal drama.

The obvious exception is overzealous, underworked journalists and/or talk show hosts looking for fodder.

Life produces more than enough drama without vivid, imaginary, manufactured assistance.

It used to be we kept our “dirty laundry” in-house. Now its pursuit appears to be a national pastime (Kardashians — really?). News flash folks: We really don’t care.

Andrew Scott Dudley Jr.

Lady’s Island

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