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Trump cannot abdicate his leadership role to Pelosi

What happens if President Donald Trump “abandons” his position? One word: chaos.

If the president lets the Democrats — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer — win on government issues, he might as well go home. He will be finished. Trump promised a secure, strong nation with a growing economy, and a lot us want nothing less. We expect nothing less.

If the president abdicates, then Pelosi becomes the leader and our country becomes a socialist heaven for the unworthy.

We now have a strong economy. It will disappear as we revert to the Democratic days of holding back business initiatives.

We now have respect throughout the world. It will vanish as we revert to the good old days when Americans apologized for being “great.”

We now have people working again, although it appears too many female voters forgot what unemployment means to American families.

If the president abdicates, we will have a growth in sanctuary cities that allow your neighbors to be on the FBI’s “most wanted” list. Pelosi hails from California, and we all know what a mess that state is in. If she becomes the national leader, the United States would mirror California, or in the case of Schumer, New York. Good Lord forbid.

Trump’s insistence on a security wall is not a campaign issue, but a part of his oath of office to protect the nation.

Napoleon Bonaparte must have been thinking of Pelosi and Schumer when he said: “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”

Clifton Jester


Where is our moral compass on abortion?

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently signed state legislation permitting abortion until birth and, if the baby survived, termination could occur after delivery. At the signing he was gleefully cheered by supporters. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is proud of proposed legislation in that state which offers unlimited abortions and if the baby is delivered, the mother and doctor will provide comfort to the baby until they decide if the baby will be terminated.

Has our moral compass become so skewed that we cheer a woman’s right to terminate a life while providing no protection for the fetus or baby? Where do we draw the line? This is infanticide and under these rules, where does it end? At some point, a baby could be given a trial period of say two months, and if the baby doesn’t live up to expectations the mother and her doctor could compassionately terminate the baby. That sounds foolish, but once termination is permitted outside the womb, what’s the difference?

My wife and I visited Auschwitz and we saw the aftermath of decisions made regarding who lives and who dies. The crutches and canes of the disabled, the hair of the Jews, gypsies and Catholics are imprinted in our memories.

Our country is appalled if we should violate a person’s civil rights, but we can’t extend those rights to innocent fetuses or babies in the womb. This is a slippery slope upon which we stand.

Jim Synk

Hilton Head Island

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