Letters to the Editor

Local papers doing a good job

I say bravo to The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette for continuing to put out a fine newspaper. We should thank our lucky stars that, in our non-metropolitan part of the world, the Packet/Gazette succeeds in putting out a thoughtful, sophisticated, comprehensive, and well-designed daily.

Editorially, no reader will be pleased all of the time — we are not a homogenous community — but as someone who is very interested in politics and social policy, I respect their efforts to be broad-minded and balanced, and their endeavors to vigorously search for the facts and the genuine underlying issues.

Case in point is their recent editorial calling for a thorough and transparent resolution to the Hilton Head Island High School principal’s relationship with a local police officer as rumors and misinformation multiply. From my perspective, it appears that both parties are respected adults who don’t need their private lives exposed. It certainly is none of my business, and I was gratified that many parents feel the same way, focusing their attention on principal Amanda O’Nan’s and former Staff Sgt. DeJuan Holmes’s contributions to our community. However, in their editorial, the Editorial Board honors us with thoughtful questions to consider and to put the matter back on track.

No matter how much the Packet/Gazette extends its online coverage, I relish the privilege every morning of drinking my coffee with the paper paper in hand.

Kate McClintic


Ways to reduce health care costs

Regardless of what health care solution we seek, we all agree with President Donald Trump that the cost of health care, including drug costs, needs to be reduced.

So how do we do that?

When does the supply of milk or gas drop? When there is either too much of it or the demand for it has dropped. Health care demand is not likely to drop, so what would happen if we were to increase the supply of most medical professionals by 25 percent? Well, one thing for sure, we wouldn’t have trouble getting doctors to move to rural areas to practice. There would be much more competition for coveted jobs in the field. At least the salary part of health care should decrease, so how would that be accomplished?

Today, we seem to have a contrived doctor shortage for no apparent reason, other than medical schools not expanding to meet the demand. We have met some of that need by importing doctors educated elsewhere. Fine, but that shouldn’t have been necessary. Going forward, we should expand the care that can be supplied by physician assistants. This has already started.

Second, let the government develop funding plans to increase the capacity of our teaching hospitals. We certainly have plenty of well-qualified applicants who didn’t quite make it. Let’s use them.

Finally, medical education needs radical change. We no longer need people capable of memorizing a million things. Computers have long taken that necessity away. What we do need urgently are problem-solvers in medicine who can wisely employ all of the great diagnostic tools available.

William I. Griffith

Lady’s Island

Anonymous letter in Hilton Head Plantation backfires

I’m a resident of Hilton Head Plantation. This week I opened an unsigned letter and a legal opinion with no reference to the attorney(s) who wrote it. The poorly-written letter asked me not to vote for the covenant change regarding seasonal rental property in Hilton Head Plantation.

You lost my vote and support. To send a letter and legal opinion without the courage to sign it or identify the author of the opinion suggests a convenient preference rather than sincere commitment to your position.

Leadership requires character. This quisling effort stands in stark contract the signators of the Declaration of Independence, who risked death.

Anthony R. DePaolo

Hilton Head Island

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