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NY abortion law immoral, repugnant

Wanted for murder: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic state legislators who gleefully passed legislation supporting anytime-abortion, even during birth (infanticide?). Anytime-abortion and infanticide are repugnant and immoral, perhaps even more immoral than border walls.

Another New York “intellectual,” Margaret Sanger, was the original proponent of birth control. She was part of the eugenics movement that wanted to “breed” out undesirables (deplorables?) by race, social class, and physical disabilities. Hitleresque?

Isn’t it ironic that New York proudly declares itself a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, yet in New York an innocent child cannot find sanctuary in its mother’s womb. And how sad that this Democratic ideal is moving across the nation, and may be coming to your state.

Pray for your legislators; for mothers and their innocent, unborn children; for our country; and yes, even for the Democrats, that all may see the value in every human life, no matter how conceived and no matter how weak or strong.

Frank Marcinkoski

Sun City

‘Stable genius’? Trump is neither

Attempting to have members of the Muslim faith labeled as terrorists, and people of color from “....hole” countries denied entry, President Donald Trump encourages immigration from countries like Norway.

Norwegians aren’t interested. Having experienced fascism under Nazi occupation during the Second World War, they recognize fascist thinking when they see it.

Trump, self-described “stable genius,” compares himself second only to President Abraham Lincoln in terms of greatness. He is neither.

During the Civil War, Lincoln asked all Americans to appeal to the “better angels of our nature” as a means for coming together.

Trump isn’t one for coming together. With his pathological enthusiasm for lying, even members of his party describe him as promoting “conspiracy theory” and dividing us along fissures of truth and falsity.” He wants this divide. If not, Nazi and Confederate flags would not be seen at his rallies.

Dehumanizing language, systematically repeated, can condition people to accept inhumane, even murderous policy as normal. Native American genocide, slavery, and Japanese interment remind us of this.

Denigrating migrants from Central America as carriers of disease and vermin, as breeders infesting our country, he regurgitates verbatim the propaganda Hitler used against Jews and other so-called undesirables.

Attacking populations along racial and religious lines as less than human, Trump displays levels of viciousness associated with people incapable of empathy or a moral conscious.

When infants and toddlers were forcibly separated from parents at the border, public outrage stopped it. Trump shows he is capable of using atrocity as policy.

Dru Clements


Democrats, get your act together — please

I, for one, am running out of patience with Congressional Democrats using stupid soundbites, like Republicans do, instead of adult reasoning.

Specifically, before the Democrats decide that the solution is “Medicare for all,” they might want to spend a few minutes on the subject of “what do we need to do to get quality, cost-effective health care for all?”

Without improved cost-effectiveness, it doesn’t matter how we pay, we’re going broke.

After they have dealt with cost, they can turn their attention to how to distribute those costs among individuals, insurance and government. Offering a solution without defining and structuring the problem sounds like the way Republicans blundered into supply-side economics.

At the same time, they are advocating tax rate increases without any indication that they are aware of the subject of tax avoidance, wherein the wealthy have used loopholes in tax legislation to hide significant amounts of income and wealth from the tax collector. Higher rates on undeclared income results in zero additional tax dollars. Make the income visible and then figure out the tax rate.

Unfortunately, these are not just rookie mistakes. House and Senate veterans are also participating.

It reminds me of the old, but too often true, joke: Fellow asked his friend, “What organized political party do you belong to?” Answer: “I don’t, I’m a Democrat.”

Democrats, please focus. We need carefully planned solutions to a multitude of problems, not knee-jerk reactions to incite your base. We’ve got Republicans to do that.

Richard Wallace


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