Letters to the Editor

SC liquor law violates rights

I have a great solution for the Sunday liquor sales dilemma.

How about the religious folks and churches abide by their beliefs and the rest of us do the same.

I want the law to read as such. Religious people are prohibited from purchasing liquor on Sunday. Those of us taxpaying adults who want to buy liquor, purchase as you will. No one is forcing anyone to buy liquor.

The Constitution guaranties freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion. The blue laws are a violation of my rights, as described in our Constitution. The prohibition of liquor is an antiquated notion being illegally imposed by over-righteous, religious fanatics who choose to not buy liquor on Sunday. Good for them.

Lucien Piccioli


Media blind to NY abortion outrage

I have seen much publicity on TV the past two days concerning the state of New York passing legislation and the state of Virginia attempting to replicate the same concerning abortion — and the right to terminate pregnancy right up to the delivery date (or even after delivery).

In the majority of these cases, we are talking about infanticide, or murder.

We have two Democratic legislatures and two Democratic governors in these states, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the newspapers (including The Island Packet) have chosen to completely ignore this story. The news media were overly concerned about children being separated from their parents while trying to illegally cross our border, but where is the outcry about killing babies? And you wonder why we think the mainstream media is biased.

John Pritchard

Hilton Head Island

Proper credit for U.S. 278 median plantings

A recent letter praised the current landscaping of U.S. 278 in Bluffton. I am chair of the Southern Beaufort County Corridor Beautification Board, and I am proud to say that this beautification is the result of our efforts over the last five years. While we would welcome support from the town of Bluffton or the S.C. Department of Transportation, as mentioned in the letter, I can report that this is solely a county project so far.

We will continue our efforts to landscape U.S. 278 and beyond, and we welcome any and all partners in this effort.

Thank you for recognition of our efforts to date.

Glenn Stanford

Hilton Head Island

Stone arrest tactics were prudent

I would like to answer the recent letter calling Roger Stone’s arrest overkill.

The writer wanted to know how many idiots it takes to unscrew a light bulb. He might want to ask that question to the seven officers shot (one fatally) from several hundred yards away in Florence by a 74-year-old man being served a warrant. Or the five Houston police officers shot serving a warrant on a husband and wife in their late 50s.

It does not take much to pull the trigger while officers are approaching a resident, even if that suspect is not public enemy No. 1.

Jim Cooper

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head pedestrians, dress in lighter clothes

I was driving on a small side street in Indigo Run on a recent morning when I saw a pedestrian wearing black pants and a dark gray shirt walking the opposite direction. As I passed him I asked myself, “Would I have seen him if I were going in the opposite direction?”

I wanted to answer “yes” but it was a densely overcast, dark day and the honest answer is, “I am not sure.”

This is my plea to all pedestrians: help us see you when you are walking these back streets. Wear bright-colored clothes when you walk in your community.

Bedros Markarian

Hilton Head Island

‘Stupor Bowl’ is what NFL deserved

Well we got what we deserved. Two teams, both of which got into the Super Bowl thanks to inept refereeing in their final playoff games. It should have been called “The Stupor Game.”

Donald Fredericks


Who’s paying for Dominion Energy ads?

We have been inundated with ads on TV about Dominion Energy. Then I see a full-page ad for Dominion Energy. Who is paying for these ads? I don’t understand it.

Gail Ladwig

Hilton Head Island

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