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Look out, Hardeeville. Here it comes again

Ah, yes, Collins Doughtie, the good ol’ days around Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, when three or four hungry crabs could be pulled up on one line, and golf at Sea Pines cost $2 to play all day.

My family had a small weekend place in old Bluffton, actually a large screen porch my father built with his own hands, and we water-skied most summer weekends from the sand bar just down from All Joy.

Alas, civilization arrived in the form of a four-lane highway and bridge to Hilton Head, and the area’s never been the same.

Now, crabbers are lucky to pull up one crab at a time, golf on Hilton Head costs a zillion dollars, and the May River sandbar is clogged every weekend with party animals and a cop is needed to direct boat traffic.

Such is the price of progress, of Hilton Head and Bluffton being victimized by their own success. Look out, Hardeeville, the hordes are coming your way.

Roger Elmore


Where is the compassion on medical marijuana?

I would like to thank David Lauderdale for his insightful column on the Compassionate Care Act and the McCarthyism-like response by our state attorney general, the chief of SLED, the S.C. Medical Association, and S.C. Sheriffs’ Association.

My first thought was, obviously none of them have children, relatives, or friends who could benefit by the use of what they’re opposing.

My second thought was a verse by the Eagles: “All the knowledge in the world is of no use to fools.”

One point that might be missed in the column is the question of why the S.C. Medical Association would oppose such legislation? I’m sure it has its reasons, none of which would be ties to the pharmaceutical industry, would it? Nah, Big Pharma wouldn’t push its own agenda (read profits) ahead of a patient’s needs.

One point they did mention is there’s no proof CBD oil works, yet they have no problem with the supplement industry that already wastes millions of our residents’ dollars on unregulated and unproven products that supposedly cure our male-pattern baldness, erectile dysfunction, bulging waistlines, wrinkles, or whatever malaise ails you.

I just hope all the progressive industries Gov. Henry McMaster is trying to lure, as mentioned in his State of the State address, didn’t read the article Lauderdale referenced.

I know I will now sleep better knowing my tax dollars will be hard at work prosecuting and jailing all these pot-head fiends trying to cure their seizures and ailments illegally in our state.

Louis Poindexter


Address opioids with knowledge

Your recent article about medical marijuana fails the knowledgeability test.

The current opioid epidemic has been fueled by physician misunderstanding of the use of opioids, physicians bowing to the irrational demands of patients, and those who benefit by prescribing and dispensing opioids. There is no doubt that chronic opioids have no place in medical management except in end-of-life situations.

Let me suggest that writings about the opioid epidemic be limited to those with scientific, evidence-based understanding of the issues. There is a crisis. Society must be supportive of the management of those impacted by this significant crisis.

Dr. Robert V. Cummings

Hilton Head Island

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