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Democratic hypocrisy shows

With thanks to Deroy Murdock, the esteemed commentator and columnist, “Whenever the president embraces one of Obama’s ideas, he gets treated like the reincarnation of George Wallace” (or worse).

Murdock goes on to say that, in the past, almost all the Democratic leaders have voted large sums of money for border-security enhancement. When President Donald Trump proposes a metal barrier, electronic enhancements and more Border Patrol officers, he gets vilified by these same Democrats.

Another example getting less attention is the upcoming census.

The Census Bureau announced the 2020 census will ask if respondents are American citizens. The horror!

Eric Schneiderman, the former Democratic New York state attorney general, joined 16 others suing the administration because this would punish locations where immigrants are welcome.

That wicked Trump surely concocted this census question to steer immigrants into the shadows, or perhaps Trump stole this idea from President Bill Clinton.

The 2000 census long form used during the Clinton presidency in Question 13 on page 4 asked: “Is this person a citizen of the United States?”

Apparently, this right-wing conspiracy continued under President Barack Obama. All eight of Obama’s annual American Community Surveys contain three questions covering citizenship. These surveys are not used for counting but are compiled to provide communities with important statistics to help ensure equal opportunity, educate children and more.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described Trump’s census question as a “hateful, anti-immigrant scheme.”

Does Pelosi lump presidents Clinton and Obama with Trump, or is this just a case of amnesia/Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Richard Geraghty


Trump helps US with wall

Space will not allow a rebuttal of all the venom spewed by a recent Trump-hater, but a few factual points need to be made.

President Donald Trump’s father left him a fortune. So what? Most parents try to leave their children an inheritance. His father was self-made and Trump did not sit back. He worked and continued to build on this inheritance. Sounds like a good work ethic and common sense to me.

Trump donates his presidential salary each quarter. He does not need the Oval Office job. He loves America and wants it to recover from the downward, disgraceful spiral from previous administrations. He is trying very hard to expose the “District of Corruption” swamp monsters, which includes politicians and news media.

Third, a wall makes sense. Our southern borders are flooded with horrible drugs. Entering the country illegally does not speak positively about the intentions of an immigrant. It is crucial we recognize America has enemies and an open border is a menace. We welcome legal immigration and the president is not anti-immigrant. Both his wife and mother are immigrants. Guards defending the border recognize the crisis and support our president.

Fourth, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Barack Obama, Sen. Chuck Schumer and the rest of the sickening, overpaid, overindulged politicians all were supportive of the wall before Trump took office. Their hypocrisy in denying Americans the same protection they enjoy behind their gated and walled homes is nauseating. Their objective is to continue obstructing and denying progress for America while Trump is in office.

And, last, the “caring” opposition are sunning themselves in Puerto Rico while the government is closed. Trump is at work, waiting for the loafers to return to work. There’s something wrong with that image.

Catherine Koncul


Bogus promise cause of shutdown

As a retired federal employee, I am outraged by the current partial federal government shutdown.

I survived the 1995 shutdown because I was financially secure.

This shutdown is a totally political maneuver by President Donald Trump to fulfill a campaign pledge that he now denies making, i.e., that Mexico would pay for the “wall.” Thousands of people are suffering because of this bombastic, narcissistic, arrogant, misogynist moron so he can achieve a bogus promise.

Please, will someone besides the Democrats please stand up to this autocratic clown.

Paul Armstrong

Hilton Head Island

The wall deal that wasn’t

What happened to the Mexico deal?

I recall candidate Donald Trump promising the American people that we would get a wall and Mexico would pay for it. What happened to that deal? Why are Americans being punished for stupid broken promises?

Debby Boots

Hilton Head Island

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