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Swiftly return O’Nan to Hilton Head Island High School

Herbert Berg, interim superintendent of the Beaufort County School District, should return Hilton Head Island High School Principal Amanda O’Nan to her position and abandon the district investigation into her private life.

The district leadership’s rightful role is to monitor and evaluate a principal’s school management. However, it is not proper for the district to concern itself with a principal’s personal life, conducted in private, away from his or her responsibilities as a school leader.

I’ve never met Ms. O’Nan, but my more than 50 years of teaching and school leadership convince me that prolonging Ms. O’Nan’s administrative leave and the current investigation will not protect constituents or improve learning. It will only demoralize faculty, undercut student confidence, and tarnish a career.

The district will be best served if leadership swiftly announces its decision to restore Ms. O’Nan to her responsibilities, affirm its satisfaction with her leadership, and indicate that it is not its role to investigate or judge her private life.

The current situation should not be allowed to linger. It needs to be quickly and graciously resolved.

Bill Newby

Hilton Head Island

Teflon Don has never faced consequences for his behavior

President Donald Trump was a serial, unfaithful husband. He doesn’t understand fidelity in the most sacred of institutions, marriage, so his call to leave Syria within a month, abandoning the Kurds, shouldn’t surprise.

Nor should his pouty petulance regarding building “a big, beautiful, wall,” a campaign trick to keep Trump focused on immigration that took on a life of its own.

A man who has never faced financial tribulations, such as choices of food vs. rent vs. medicine, etc., is throwing 800,000 Americans under the bus because of fraudulently inflated claims of terrorists, rapists and drugs flooding our southern border.

Most Americans don’t have a daddy who gave them hundreds of millions, nor Russian oligarchs to bail them out when family money wasn’t enough.

Teflon Don has never had to face consequences for his behavior, as money and lawyers have shielded him.

A wall is a barrier, not an immigration policy. Trump, the unfaithful negotiator (just ask Mitch McConnell), caved to conservative commentators (Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh) and reneged on a continuing resolution that would have left the government open.

America needs a comprehensive immigration policy, involving borders, ports of entry, and DACA, not a president who caves under pressure.

Hal Cherry

Hilton Head Island

Physical barrier a logical part of border security

Back just a few years ago when Democrats voted for and funded building a barrier/wall along parts of our southern border, there was talk about it being needed, not about it being immoral.

But now, apparently, building a wall has become immoral and not effective and not what we as a country stand for, so why doesn’t the House push forward a bill to fund tearing down the existing wall/barrier? After all, any existing wall must also be immoral.

Also, the argument over who pays for building a wall is irrelevant since the wall itself is now deemed to be immoral.

When politicians behave like this, it is no wonder that their approval rating is below 20 percent.

If a physical barrier is not a logical part of a multi-functional border security strategy, let’s ask people in San Diego if they agree with its removal at Tijuana. If they agree, then let’s start tearing down that section and see the outcomes.

Randal Brown

St. Helena Island

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