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Some advice for rookie House Democrats

An open letter to new House Democrats, from a lifelong Democrat:

We sent you to Washington to act like adults, not like Republicans. First things we hear are: Impeach President Donald Trump, raise taxes to 70 percent and rebel against the Speaker.

If, and when, Trump is impeached, it will be because of evidence that gains bipartisan support, period.

Further, tax rates should be determined after there is a plan for dealing with the debt, annual budgets and tax policy, not just by shouting out some random number.

You need to understand that, like any rookie, you are still wet behind the ears. So, your job for the next several months is to learn as much as you can about your job, starting with the traditions and conduct becoming a member of Congress. That means to keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut unless you have a question to aid your understanding. Then, when you have some idea of your job, you can begin to speak out in a quiet and respectful voice.

On a more specific note, those of you interested in health care need to invite Sen. Bernie Sanders and others who were involved in creating the Affordable Care Act to come speak to you about what they see as the good and bad of where we are on the subject. That way, you can add some informed opinions to your own.

You can also use the next several months to study the people around you as a means of personal development.

Richard Wallace


Trump mouths Putin’s spin

This week President Donald Trump said, out of the blue, that the Russians invaded Afghanistan because terrorists were going into Russia. Not true.

Why would he say such a thing, and a few other statements equally untrue?

I believe Vladimir Putin feeds Trump the words to say, and he reports them. I don’t know if he’s bribed with money or blackmailed for some reason, but he certainly says whatever Putin wants him to say, and that’s the new line out of Russia.

I know it isn’t true because during that war I taught Afghan refugees in California. I would ask how their families back home were, and each would say, “I don’t know. If I call home, and the Russians find out my family had a call from the U.S., they will all be killed by Russian soldiers.” They never mentioned “terrorists,” who were not there.

Also, I was invited to a party by my students to honor wounded mujahideen Afghan soldiers fighting the Russians. Half the guests were wealthy American Republicans. They had paid for the wounded Afghan soldiers to come to the United States for medical treatment in the hospitals, putting the families up in nice hotels. Would the Republicans be helping Afghans if that side had terrorists to fight the Russians?

This new Kremlin line is a publicity stunt. I don’t know why, but I know Trump thinks he has to say it, though he knows or cares little about that war in Afghanistan himself.

Fran B. Reed

Hilton Head Island

Local group meets a need for women to meet women

I read with great interest your Jan. 6 article, “Group helps older women find friends,” about a group in Los Angeles called Finding Female Friends Past Fifty.

What a unique concept.

Except that we have such a group of over 700 members right here in the Lowcountry, established almost 60 years ago. We are called WAHHI, the Women’s Association of Hilton Head Island, open to women of any age living on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton. We provide the opportunity for friendship, help to promote the beauty and culture of the area, and give back through volunteering, scholarships, etc. We have 52 “interest groups” for activities that lead to forming deeper friendships, plus four luncheons annually with engaging programs and interesting guest speakers.

So, if you are a woman looking to make new friends and have some fun, find us at www.wahhi.org.

Darah Latourelle


Hilton Head Island

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