Letters to the Editor

Do not revisit Hilton Head High principal’s sex-in-the-school case

I am the public, and I disagree with your editorial statement that we need an answer regarding the article written about one of our own, Hilton Head Island High School Principal Amanda O’Nan. For what purpose?

The problem with the media today is that it appears their motivation is to destroy — veiled behind the innocence of simply trying to inform, bless their hearts. I call BS, or, excuse me, I question that.

The article would be of no interest to anyone if not for O’Nan’s position. To revisit an unfortunate incident, risking more harm, is a bad use of the public’s time, money and interest. Also, what does that say about the public that is interested in consuming such information?

I, for one, do not care what goes on in someone’s private life, as experience has taught me that life is rarely black and white and often a beautiful shade of gray.

Let the record of Amanda O’Nan’s accomplishments be front and center, rather that this veiled attempt to slander one of our own. Shame on you.

Kathleen T. Nelson

Hilton Head Island

Tighten up the plastic bag ban in Beaufort County

I was very pleased to see the plastic bag ban enacted in Beaufort County.

But as I shop at different stores and eat out, I see a lot of “workarounds” and exceptions. Supermarkets and stores are now using a heavier, thicker bag, which they say is reusable. Really?

Restaurants are still using foam take-home containers, putting them in a bag that they say is reusable. Really?

And the newspaper still comes in a rather thin plastic bag to protect it from the weather and sprinklers. Is this supposed to be reusable too?

Plastic containers have become part of our lives and they are very ingenious and useful. But they do not disintegrate like paper and cardboard. Roadsides and landfills are full of plastic bags. Many get into the water, killing fish and mammals around the world. And it has been proven that animals, and maybe we humans, are eating plastic bits every day.

What was the sense of passing a law banning plastic bags that has so many loopholes that it is useless? Let’s all be responsible and conserve this beautiful place we live in. Really ban plastic bags and containers.

Len Guarnera


Trump eroding the core of America’s check-and-balances system

President Donald Trump’s constant attacks on our federal courts reveals his ignorance of the United States Constitution.

Read the November Wall Street Journal op-ed by William Galston, “Trump Misjudges America’s Courts.”

Accusations by Trump are misleading and irrelevant when compared to facts. Yet, he continues to display a contradiction between his rule and the law.

Unlike his “Obama’s judges” claim, “Trump’s judges” have been drawn from a preapproved list supplied by the Federal Society, an extremely partisan think tank.

In 1952, Justice Robert Jackson said a president’s power is at its lowest ebb when he takes measures incompatible with the expressed or implied will of Congress. Trump’s most troubling trait is his low regard for the separation of powers and the rule of law. He believes that judges ruling against him are driven by partisanship or personal animus, characteristics he often displays.

There seems to be no place in Trump’s view for disagreement based on evidence, rules or institutional power other than his own.

For example, his proclivity to state, “My Justice Department” rather than understand that the Justice Department’s loyalty belongs to the Constitution, not to him.

Further, he shows a disrespect and intolerance, not only for the checks and balances of our three branches of government but also the FBI, CIA, security advisers, and our allies.

Look out, America. These are dangerous signs. Americans cannot allow a shallow, egotistical president to threaten our country. Speak up! We deserve what we get.

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island

Why Marines are mixing genders in training at Parris Island

The gender-integrated training change at Parris Island is only a matter of economy.

The 4th Recruit Training Battalion, which graduates 3,400 women recruits a year, has only 50 recruits at this point.

It is more economical to integrate these recruits into a male battalion and close the 4th Battalion for this time.

Harold E. Johnson

Port Royal

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