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Charge islanders to leave Hilton Head

I must have missed the original article about “day trippers” to Hilton Head Island and how those of us from the mainland serve to clog up the beaches and parking lots.

Now that everyone in Beaufort will kick in to renovate or enhance the bridge to Hilton Head, I suggest a sticker for island residents’ autos and a surcharge for those leaving Hilton Head to come to our mainland paradise to visit Sam’s Club, buy gas at Parker’s, stop at Home Depot or Lowe’s, to purchase a car or get that car serviced.

We have lots of parking, theaters and other wonderful stuff for the enjoyment of the islanders.

We will welcome you, even if you do not welcome us.

Wayne Beavers


The Cross Island Parkway at Highway 278 eastbound is considered a freeway. That's why biking and walking on that portion of the tollway is prohibited under state law, according to a Hilton Head official.

How soon they forget on Hilton Head

Thanks to David Lauderdale for his as-usual good-humored but on-the-mark commentary on the Hilton Head Island day-trippers issue.

Those who complain, the “we’s” of Hilton Head about the “them’s” from elsewhere, seem to forget that the “we’s” used to be the “them’s” too, whether they came here two months or two decades ago.

Only the true Hilton Head natives have the right to assume that stance.

Herb Zimmerman


Lady’s Island cell service bad

My wife and I moved to Beaufort part-time and we love the experience so far.

My wife is a specialist for the visually impaired for the Beaufort County school system and I am in marketing.

I ask you to please shed light on a problem we are having. We both have AT&T for our phone service and while at our part-time home on Lady’s Island the service is extremely weak. I paid a bunch of money to switch my wife from Sprint with a high level of confidence in AT&T.

The press needs to make sure they know they need to fix this problem. At the Lady’s Island Country Club, which I joined, there is zero signal on my phone and that is not an out-of-the-way place. The owner said he would even consider renting them land for a tower.

Please publish this letter or an article about this ASAP so that people like us can get this problem resolved. Thank you greatly and I hope you take the ball and run with it!

Lance Silver


GOP shutdown hurts real people

Imagine, if you can, that you are an E-5 Coast Guard rescue swimmer getting ready to risk your life by jumping out of a chopper into horrendous freezing seas to rescue someone in need.

Also imagine that you are thinking of how to buy groceries for your family and pay the rent since President Donald Trump and the GOP decided not to pay you anymore, but you are still required to work!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Trump/GOP temper tantrum, government shutdown does to real people.

Gary L. Cadle

St. Helena Island

President Donald Trump reaffirmed his willingness to shutdown the government over funding for the wall along the U.S. - Mexico border that he promised during his campaign.

No gloating now on stock market

One year ago, President Donald Trump was gloating over the stock market and how every retirement plan was way up because of his, and only his, expertise in guiding the economy.

Well, things have certainly changed from that period. I do not hear him saying that the market is way down and it is because of him. Maybe I missed that tweet, but it would make an interesting read. Wait for the quarterly reports showing how far down everyone’s retirement account has performed. That should create some excitement.

Ira Kirschner


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