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Hilton Head day-trippers great — if they can fix toilets

Public beach parking a growing concern on Hilton Head Island.
Public beach parking a growing concern on Hilton Head Island. Staff file

Reading the recent article concerning problems with “day-trippers” on Hilton Head Island reminds me of the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Day-trippers — not only out-of-towners but those living across the bridge, with reference to the 3,000-home development of Latitude Margaritaville in Hardeeville — do nothing to enhance the quality of life on the island by taking up parking spaces to enjoy a day at the beach. I assume this mentality also includes those of us who live in the Bluffton area.

In the same article, the so-called island think tank states: “You can have trouble getting a plumber or electrician” on the island, as stated by Mayor John McCann.

Interesting how those of us not living on the island and marked as “day-trippers” when wanting to enjoy a day at a public beach are frowned upon, but are good enough for a day trip to fix an islander’s plumbing or electrical problems.

I would say this board, with this type of mentality and attitude, has far more problems than the parking of us “day-trippers.”

Diane Foglia LaFleur


Beaufort County students need Islands Academy

The Beaufort County School District is closing the Islands Academy alternative school. I think it’s the only one if its kind in the state. I know it has been written about extensively over the past week.

I’m just a grandparent/guardian for my granddaughter. She is a student there. She has trouble focusing. She is bright enough, but got lost in the big high school. Only two months ago we were told Islands Academy was the place for her. We bought in and sent her.

It means two extra hours in a bus each day. She left her best friends behind, and struggled to “fit in.” But she was doing OK. Now they’re shutting it down. No warning. No plan. Just sending these 70 kids back to where they were failing, or that were failing them.

The superintendent says: “We can do better.”

I pray that they can. But it will take time and resources that are not there now, as well as objectives and ways to measure progress. They’re not there either.

Can we do better? How have we done so far for these kids?

Brian Cosacchi

Hilton Head Island

Two ways to solve Hilton Head’s day-tripper ‘problem’

I’ve read with concern about all the problems we “day-trippers” cause on Hilton Head Island.

Since the residents of Hilton Head don’t seem to want us “non-residents” to visit, but do want us to spend our money on food, gas, etc., I have a couple of suggestions:

1) Create a PayPal account where we day-trippers can just send our money instead of visiting. It’s easier on everyone, and saves gas and wear and tear on our cars.

2) Instead of using the new $0.01 sales tax to build a new bridge to Hilton Head, why don’t we just use a portion of that money and simply remove the bridge? That way no one will be able to crowd “their” restaurants, our fill up “their” parking lots or cover “their” beach with our day-tripper money, cars or selves.

Huett Bishop


Next time, our day trip will be to Beaufort or Savannah, not Hilton Head

As a “day-tripper” to Hilton Head Island from Bluffton, I’m writing to the new mayor and Town Council to apologize for causing a problem for you. I had no idea that my occasional trips to the beach, the art galleries, the shops, and restaurants was was an issue for you.

Hilton Head is such a desirable destination that I thought all would be welcome by the the newly-elected officials. I guess the next time that I feel the need to be “day-tripper,” I’ll head to Beaufort or Savannah where I’ll be welcomed, hopefully.

Robert Koenit


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