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I’ll help plan Hilton Head for nothing

New timeshares planned for Folly Field Road on Hilton Head Island.
New timeshares planned for Folly Field Road on Hilton Head Island.

A recent cartoon in The Wall Street Journal said: “Do we want to just flip a coin or hire consultants to flip a coin?”

I can’t believe the Hilton Head Island Town Council spent $46,000 for strangers to tell us how to mold our island. How many hook-ups to the sewer line would that have bought?

Did that study lead to the building of a six-story hotel on the beach? What’s next — 10 stories, 15 stories, 20 stories?

Why would we build timeshares? Everyone’s trying to get rid of them.

Where is the low-cost housing we need?

The north end of the island is dying. Gone are Sam’s Club, Outback, IHOP, Hallmark, Pizza Hut, Atlanta Bread Company and Tuesday Morning. What business will we lose next?

Why do we spend $25,000 for metal monstrosities called “objet d’art” that mar the beauty surrounding us?

May I suggest assembling local citizens to help mold the future of this beautiful island. I volunteer. I have lived here 30 years, ran for Town Council and will charge zero.

Jacqueline Z. Houck

Hilton Head Island

May the riots in France be a wake-up call for climate-change true believers

Another dimwitted column from Paul Krugman of The New York Times published on the Dec. 2 opinion page (“Why deny climate change?”) is a classic example of identity politics.

He accuses anyone who does not agree that the planet warming cycle is caused by humans of being “a climate heretical money grubber.”

Well, clearly parts of the planet are warmer than they were 20 years ago. I don’t deny it. I agree.

The question is how much of the heat increase is due to humans. The current concentration of CO2 is 0.04 percent of the atmosphere. It is not a pollutant, but in fact a fertilizer. Plants turn CO2 into oxygen by photosynthesis. That is why the planet is getting greener at the rate of 5 percent per year.

Charles Krauthammer insightfully said: “Tell me the answer you want, and I will write the question.” We are told that the cataclysmic predictions are based on “models.” Hmm. Having worked with engineering models, I can tell you that Dr. Krauthammer was correct. Particularly when the “experts” rely on funding from the government.

I would recommend the high priests of climate change take a train ride from Beijing to Datong, China. They will see mile after mile of power stations, coal mines and apartment buildings. How does France’s President Emmanuel Macron and his Paris climate agreement propose to substitute windmills and sunlight to service 1.5 billion Chinese people?

Perhaps the riots in France are a wake-up call for the true believers who seem hell-bent to destroy world economies.

Christopher D. Clayton

Hilton Head Island

Yes, the environment IS a problem

In response to your reader who said not to believe the lies about the environment, that the world would take care of itself and we should not worry, it’s nice to know he was around during the Stone Age.

I’m talking about when we had had no automobiles or nuclear power, pipelines and oil rigs off the coast. Perhaps he’s in the dark as to where the climate change is going when he sees people in China walking around wearing surgical masks due or the smog.

I’m from New Jersey and he should look at the Passaic River and tell me it will recover.

When we kill the insects on our lawn and golf courses, the residue of the chemical goes into the water table and we drink it. So there is a problem.

This is something we can get a handle on. People like him should not get in the way, saying we have nothing to worry about. We only have two choices: stay the same and say we don’t have an issue, or do our part and stop the madness.

Larry Mianowski

Hilton Head Island

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