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Hands off: Hilton Head’s Honey Horn already claimed

Seafood Festival at Honey Horn in 2018.
Seafood Festival at Honey Horn in 2018. Staff file

Someone suggested that Honey Horn, home of the Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island, be used for low-income housing because the site is underutilized.

So the writer feels that this 69-acre, open-space oasis on an increasingly crowded island should be developed. Hmm ...

I wonder if the 60,000 people who visit the museum each year would agree? Or the hundreds of students on field trip? Or the scores of volunteers who lead educational walks, talks and tours? Or the abundance of birds and wildlife that rest, nest, breed and feed at this refuge? Or the farmers market shoppers? Or those thrilled to have weddings, special events, and meetings there? Or those new residents whose backyards will be filled with thousands of logs and mounds of debris after the next hurricane? Or the museum itself, which someday will have to expand?

Ford Hutchinson

Hilton Head Island

Can our excesses be reconciled?

Three days after ordering a small Greek salad, I am eating the last of what I brought home in a box.

“Are the shrimp still good?” And that question to myself made me think of a picture I recently saw on the internet of a malnourished infant in its mother’s arms, a depiction so vividly stark that tears welled up. Three-day-old shrimp? What a glorious treat they would be for that mother.

And this time my thoughts were propelled back to my commercial fishing days in Alaska. If it was salmon season we were not allowed to catch halibut, which meant that when you hooked a 175-pound halibut you had to shake it off the hook, which most of the time meant wrecking the creature’s jaw and sentencing it to death. How sad to think of what those thousands of pounds of doomed halibut would mean to a Third World country with its malnourished infants.

As a child with a finicky appetite, I was urged to eat my veggies because of the starving children in China. And now as I eat my third portion of a small Greek salad, it is hard to reconcile our excess of food with the portrayal of that emaciated baby.

But to avoid the angst I will simply join the Christmas spirit and mask that portrayal of a malnourished infant by distributing some turkeys and candy canes to the less fortunate.

Bill Patton

St. Helena Island

Better go with the global jury of scientists

Are those who demand “scientific proof” that global warming is caused by an increase in carbon dioxide, also demanding scientific proof of the foundations of their faith?

Yes, correlation is not necessarily a causation and the evidence might be circumstantial, but juries convict defendants based on circumstantial evidence all the time, and our spiritual beliefs are all based on circumstantial evidence.

I think we better go with the global jury of scientists, and stop fiddling while Rome (and California) is burning.

Jan S. Stasiek

Hilton Head Island

A better way to focus America

Instead of spending time, money and energy trying to catch the president, why not work together to fix the incredible and devastating divide in this country today, and perhaps even do some incredible national rebuilding of things like infrastructure, energy independence, human rights, etc.? Just a thought.

Elaine Lust

Moss Creek

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