Letters to the Editor

Special concern for my ‘invisible friend’ Pablo

Pablo is a man who has flawlessly delivered the Packet to our home every day for the past 17 years.

We have acknowledged our appreciation of his fine service by sending him a modest holiday-season check annually.

But while I have never had the opportunity to meet with him face-to-face, I certainly know that he is a hard-working man who helps support himself and his family with his predawn labors.

Of course I do know that he is culturally Hispanic. This latter fact is very much upon my mind these recent days.

I recognize that it is true without doubt that among his circle of friends and relatives there are many whose lives have been impacted negatively by events we hear of regularly through our news media. And so I must reach out to Pablo, and let him know how much, in this heart-wrenching year of America’s history, he resides in my heart.

Pablo, my invisible friend, I pray that fate will be kind to you and yours in the days to come.

Joseph E. Levy

Hilton Head Island

The dangers of Donald Trump

The depressing book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” by Bandy Lee is a New York Times bestseller, written by 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts.

Many writers feel that President Donald Trump is hedonistic, narcissistic and a verbal bully. They claim that Trump lives in the present moment without much thought to future consequences. Name-calling includes “Obama is sick, “crooked Hillary” and many names for others. Some think he trusts no one, is immature, incompetent, exploitative. They say he has little empathy, tells lies, is immoral, repeats himself and has run-on sentences that may indicate a loss of train of thought or memory.

He was depicted as the “most dangerous man in the world.”

As a salesman, Trump could lie or exaggerate and frequently get away it, but as president reporters check on what he says and find he is often wrong or lying. It is obvious why he dislikes reporters.

Trump has chosen a leader who did not support the Environmental Protection Agency’s policies, he does not believe in global warming and has no compassion for immigrants trying to enter this country. He has angered leaders in countries that are friendly to us, and has angered even more countries with tariffs. His tax cuts benefited corporations, but also himself and other wealthy people.

It is difficult for me to believe anyone thinks Trump is great after reading the book referenced above and reading about his policies as outlined above.

Richard Clapp

Hilton Head Island

Inmates training dogs an inspiring story

Congratulations to your coverage of dogs being trained by inmates on Nov. 30.

How nice to read at least one story that says something more than what the political issues might or might not be in the future. I would appreciate a follow-up on this story, reporting how successful this program is and if it will continue into the future.

I do know that in the majority of cases, retired animals from fire or police service usually end up staying with their human colleagues. I wonder if this could be possible as far as the prison animals are concerned. It would be nice to think so.

We have a shelter dog of mixed pedigree that is almost everything one could ask for: loyal, obedient, etc.

Dumped by the roadside a few years ago, he was saved by the police and eventually ended up in our home.

Thank you for featuring this happy story. It makes better reading than most of the news today.

Geoff Wheatley

Hilton Head Island

Immigrants must get here legally

A recent letter made a spirited defense of the role that immigrants play in the economy of Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry.

What it fails to note, however, is that many of these immigrants are in this country illegally.

The rule of law requires would-be immigrants to apply for admission to this country. The writer conveniently neglects to mention that we are a nation of laws, and laws are made to be enforced.

Roger Elmore


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