Letters to the Editor

Here’s what MAGA really means

In a recent email to me, a friend opined: “The idea that Make America Great Again is referring to a time in our past of civil inequality is just another false narrative of the left (one of their favorite tactics).”

He added, “If a sports team had this slogan, it wouldn’t mean creating a team like they had 50 years ago, it would mean creating an organization that could be successful in the current system. If a business like IBM had the slogan, it wouldn’t mean they were looking to make PCs from the 1980s, it would mean they were trying to create a world-class organization to be successful in today’s markets.

“While making the country great again could refer to reaffirming some of the values and morals of the greatest generation, it certainly doesn’t mean going backward. It means making the United States the greatest country on earth today and into the future.”

We can all debate what “greatness” means, but in the end our Founding Fathers laid the foundation and it’s those principles that should be upheld by the president.

Of course, going backward would actually mean going back to civil inequality — a situation that was perpetuated by the Democrats, not the Republicans. But again, the liberals have created the false narrative that it was the Republicans.

Steve Dickler

Hilton Head Island

The new GOP is essentially un-American

The new Republican Party’s origin is in the 1970s with Paul Weyrich and Lewis Powell. It was nourished by one of the nation’s worst presidents, Ronald Reagan, in the 1980s, and has come to full flower under the absolute worst president, Donald Trump.

Trump is the natural outcome from 40 years of Republican drum-beating on voter suppression, anti-immigration, hate the government, be fearful of everyone, carry a gun, anti-women’s health care rights, white supremacy and a host of other essentially un-American positions.

They trumpet hate, fear and greed as the American creed and they were able to garner 60 million voters with that platform.

Most of those voters have no idea that the overwhelming funding of the Republican agenda is a small group of oligarchs over these four decades that have infiltrated every area of America, including schools at every level, media of all kinds, courts, law enforcement, churches and other institutions that prior to 1980 were more egalitarian.

Now, after billions of dollars in investments, the oligarchs have successfully purchased the government they want, and they have the perfect president for them — one who thrives on their only benchmark for success: who has the most money.

They have stooped so low as to require Barack Obama to produce a birth certificate, Elizabeth Warren to verify her heritage, and John Kerry to defend his honorable service. This is the new Republican Party and their base is proud of it. Shameful!

Richard Hammes

Hilton Head Island

How about new picture of Joe?

Your article on a recent front page about our soon-to-be congressman from the 1st District was very nice.

However, Joe Cunningham is very young and very handsome and having used that picture before, I am sure you could get a new one.

I also wish you could talk about Joe without mentioning our former governor, soon-to-be former congressman and Republican Primary loser. I would imagine he will be retiring to Argentina in the near future to be with the love of his life.

Pat A. Whitmore

Hilton Head Island