Letters to the Editor

How to be a better voter in Beaufort County

On Nov. 6, I was an election manager at a precinct that is always known for a good turnout, usually 28 percent to 45. This time there was a 60 percent turnout. I applaud all those voters for exercising their right to vote.

We had seating for any who needed it. Most of the voters remained pleasant throughout the day.

There are some ways voters help make the process easier on everyone.

Since presenting a valid photo ID is required by law, have your ID ready when approaching the check-in table where the computers are located. Don’t argue with the election manager who is simply doing the job assigned. If you know it is a particularly long ballot, as it was on Nov. 6, come with a “cheat sheet” in your pocket — a list of how you plan to vote. This will speed up the process.

Don’t clog the walking area in and out of the voting area by stopping to have a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in a while — save that for outside the building.

When possible, vote “absentee in person” (there are at least 17 reasons for doing this and age is certainly one of them).

And always, exercise your right to vote; otherwise you forfeit the right to complain.

Sunni Bond

Hilton Head Island

Truth is, Trump is not producing

A typical interview with a supporter of President Donald Trump: “I don’t like some of the things he says or does … but he is working for me and doing great!”

A quick quantitative fact check from the internet will show:

▪  The annual budget deficit is the highest since the 2008 recovery period and estimated to rise significantly next year.

▪  The annual trade balance is the worst since 2008 and worsening.

▪  Wealth accumulation by the few continues, fueled by tax cuts.

▪  Wage earners see their tax cuts offset by rising inflation and reduced support.

Qualitatively, it’s more of the same:

▪  Internationally, he has frustrated and alienated our traditional allies, while our adversaries have played him like a violin. What actual behavioral changes have we seen from Russia, China or North Korea?

▪  Domestically, has he fixed, or even addressed, problems like improving health care, rebuilding infrastructure, reducing crime and violence, and the decline in individual rights? The truth is that, to a great extent, his comments and actions have made those issues worse, not better.

So, the truth is that Trump‘s bombastic rhetoric has diverted meaningful discussion away from his performance in managing critical barometers of national well-being.

Now, I can understand the gun lobby and the alt-right being in love with this guy. He’s good for their agenda.

However, when it comes from traditional Christians, who seem willing to overlook core Trump supporters as well as his long personal history of immoral and unethical conduct and practices, I really don’t get it.

Richard Wallace


Media complicit in Trump circus

The media, including radio, print and television, are complicit in this circus we are all witnessing. Isn’t part of being a legitimate journalist having the ability to discern fake news from real news?

From the moment Donald Trump declared his candidacy, the newscasts led with his name on most broadcasts. All through the primaries, no other candidate received as much free publicity and coverage as he.

And now, they let him lead them around as he creates fake crises (caravan, etc.) and holds campaign rallies disguised as newsworthy events.

They display and then proceed to read to us, the viewers, his nonsensical tweets. If I wanted to read Trump’s tweets, I would be on Twitter.

They are providing the attention that every bully and every toddler loves. How do you stop a tantrum? You ignore it. How do you stop a bully? You stand up to him or her.

Unless and until we all stand up to this bully and ignore this toddler tantrums, we will continue to be his enablers. And until the media stand up to the bullying and ignore the tantrums, we will continue to be subjected to prime-time coverage of non-news being presented as news.

Patricia Bellock

Hilton Head Island