Letters to the Editor

‘Boys will be boys’ mindset on assault must change

Walking home from school 40 years ago, a man in a sedan asked me for directions. As I approached the car, he reached for me and I realized he was naked from the waist down. Terrified, I screamed and ran.

In college, I took a shortcut through an alleyway. As I heard a vehicle approach from behind, I moved to the side, only to find myself being groped and pinched by a young man hanging out of the window of a car while his buddies hung onto his legs and laughed.

Fast forward to 2018. A woman wakes up from her slumber on a flight to Nashville realizing the stranger next to her been groping her while she slept. A woman is sucker punched in the face on the streets of Paris after she told a stranger who sexually taunted her to shut up. America’s favorite dad, Bill Cosby, finally saw punishment after decades of drugging and sexually assaulting scores of women. I can go on.

The story here is that not much has changed during my lifetime. These are women and girls who are just trying to go about their routines of daily life. My experiences (though peanuts compared to the females who suffered much more and continue to do so) still affected my years of growing up.

We cannot continue to allow the “boys will be boys” mentality to exist. We must treat each other with dignity and respect. And teach and preach that message to all the young sons who will soon become men.

Regina Sixta


Trump wrong on climate change

Science has warned us for years that climate change was rapidly causing warmer, and more frequent heatwaves and more extreme weather, including more intense hurricanes and natural disasters.

When President Donald Trump dismissed climate science and rolled back environment regulations and pulled us out of the Paris accords, I was totally dismayed.

My anxiety intensified after the devastating disasters where we saw Indonesia reel from a tsunami that killed thousands, and closer here at home, where we witnessed firsthand hurricanes Florence and Michael. Michael was one of the most intense hurricanes to ever the strike the U.S.

But after hearing Trump address climate change recently I am again reassured that all is well. He explained to us that he had an uncle who was a brilliant scientist, and with these genes he inherited a natural instinct for science. With these powers he can see through the bias of scientists who warn of impending doom if we continue on the path of ignorance. Trump further reassures us that we need not worry, climate goes back and forth, back and forth, and it will change back again.

He seems to make sense when he says he doesn’t want to give away trillions of dollars and lose millions of jobs over nothing. I feel better now for us and our children, and think we are in good hands, don’t you?

And I’ll bet Trump doesn’t give a hoot whether “Horseface” agrees with him on climate change or any other issue. Go Trump!

Joseph J. Ohnstad


Where are the GOP achievements?

How is it possible that an immigration crisis looms on our southern border? Didn’t Donald Trump win the presidency two years ago promising to secure our borders? Didn’t he promise a “beautiful wall” that Mexico would pay for?

With Republicans controlling the presidency, both houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court, that party produced nothing on immigration reform. All the Trump administration achieved was the sorry spectacle of separating immigrant children from their parents, misplacing hundreds of children in the process.

I might say immigration reform is the signature failure of the Republican Party, but there are other strong contenders for that title, for example:

▪  The swollen federal deficit.

▪  The promised infrastructure program AWOL.

▪  Scuttling every effort to cope with global warming and sea-level rise.

▪  Destroying Obamacare, with no replacement (unless one counts the Republican project to eliminate protection for people with pre-existing conditions).

▪  Setting the all-time record for presidential lies and nasty insults.

▪  And the public humiliation of Trump licking Vladimir Putin’s boots.

Raymond Dominick