Letters to the Editor

Why we love SC, and want it to survive the blue wave

I appreciate the responses to my letter concerning New Jersey residents moving to South Carolina.

Just to clear up a few misunderstandings, I believe the born-and-raised South Carolinians are basically conservative and I know how they would more then likely vote. It is the retirees from the Northeast that I address. Most from these areas are more then likely Democrats or progressives. I love South Carolina and the reason for my move is the taxes, the weather and the congeniality of my neighbors, even though we are mostly transplants.

I was raised a Democrat in Hudson County, N.J. There, politics is a blood sport, especially if you work in the public sector. I converted to Republican in the Reagan era.

Also, just because former Gov. Chris Christie calls himself a conservative, he did not govern like one.

If you do not believe what can happen if too many Democrats move here, check out what happened to Virginia. Check out the demographics of Texas and how U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz almost lost that state due to the influx into the Southwest.

Over the two years that we have lived here, I am always asked where I am from due to my accent. I always said New Jersey. Now I am beginning to just say I am from Bluffton.

By the way, if anyone else comes down from Jersey, please bring some crusty Italian bread and real mozzarella.

Joseph Zazzarino


Driving parents: Get off the phone

Now that the votes have been counted, hopefully some new letters to the editor will appear again.

Too many parents and other folks are punching their cell phones as they drive out of our neighborhood. Wow. What a way to teach your children, and to start the day.

My drivers’ test did not include the cell phone. If folks think they can do two things at once, they do not give 100 percent concentration to either.

Every person on Bluffton Highway had their phone in their hand and as I made it to a recent appointment on Hilton Head Island. The drivers also had their phones. Now we know for sure why there are so many accidents.

Are you going to be the next accident?

Or are you one of those parents who just looks at your children and tells them they will have an awesome day. You are wonderful and I love you.

Who will die if you do not answer a text or return a call until you make it to school or work or wherever you are going? If you drive and text or phone there is a very high chance that your concentration is not on the road.

What is your choice for today? What lesson do you want to teach your students?

I was taught actions speak louder than words.

Maureen Glynn Wilson


Thrift shops double your Christmas giving

Do you know there’s a place to buy some trendy Christmas presents while donating to charity and supporting community and global sustainability all at the same time?

It’s found at the local thrift store where you can purchase earth-friendly, recycled gifts at bargain prices. All proceeds go directly to help less fortunate people (and animals) in our local area.

Some thrift shops offer gift certificates that customers can give to family members, a special neighbor, or best finicky friend. A gift of a $5 to $10 certificate to a child will bring a great adventure of exciting choices, as well as teaching good math skills, the importance of recycling and compassionate shopping.

Thanks to the generous donors who give lovely, clean and useful items; and to volunteers who make this circle of charitable and economic sustainability possible. Also, to those wise and creative shoppers of second-hand goods who turn their purchases into two-fold giving this holiday.

Debby Boots

Hilton Head Island