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The odd lesson of the automatic door on Hilton Head election night

I had the task on election night of picking up the votes at the Hilton Head Island library for the John McCann mayoral campaign, Precincts 2B and 3.

The results were posted on the front door, which is an automatic, sliding glass door. As I walked anxiously toward the door, it moved left as if I wanted to go inside. Unfortunately, when it moved, the results wound up behind a giant handicap sticker. Fortunately, I could move my head to a point where I could barely make out the numbers. They were printed in about 4-point font.

Just as I would locate the numbers and before I could clearly confirm, the door would automatically close. I would then try to sneak up on the door to read the results. No way. Back to the handicap sign again.

After a few frustrating rotations, I tried to stretch my leg to a position where the door would not close and I could get my head in a position to read clearly. No way. The door would hit my extended foot, jog back and forth and destroy my focus.

After about 10 minutes of this “Amos and Andy” skit, two volunteers from the Kim Likins campaign came running up as if on a treasure hunt. They saw the dilemma that was holding up the results for the “whole” island.

After a few attempts on their own, we determined that teamwork was the only way we were ever going to get our respective jobs done.

I stood by the door and they attacked the numbers from both sides of the sign. Bingo! It worked.

As we scattered off to report our findings, the words were said by all: “Hey, working together really works.” We each knew we were talking about more than a sliding door.

Jim Webb

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head wrecks are not the sheriff’s fault

As an ex-police officer and someone who has dealt with insurance companies for the last 30 plus years, it’s a shame that the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office is taking the blame for all the accidents on Hilton Head Island. The issue is twofold:

First, change the insurance laws and require insurance with higher state limits and not just a bond that most don’t renew. Too many people here drive without insurance coverage. If someone is pulled over without coverage, lock them up and confiscate the vehicle. I am sure within two years the accident rate will slow up. Start getting tough on DWI violations. Very few cases are lost by the defense attorney in this county. We have very weak DWI laws.

Second, we need more reserve officers. I have spoken to several police departments and they all said they don’t have enough volunteers to have a class. Crazy!

So, is the issue Sheriff P.J. Tanner’s fault? No. Fix the issues and take the uninsured motorists off the road.

Do away with the $550 uninsured-motorist fee that is for the privilege to drive and operate an uninsured motor vehicle on the South Carolina roads.

Alan Wagner


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