Letters to the Editor

Thankful for Beaufort pothole solution -- finally

Our home in Beaufort was built in 1963 shortly after our street (Center Drive West) was paved. The street has never been repaved.

It has been patched several times. There are now huge cracks in the street and large potholes. Driving on the street is like running an obstacle course.

A neighbor and I have been attempting to have it repaved for years. I called our state representative’s office approximately two years ago and explained the situation to her receptionist (our representative was not available). Nothing happened.

My neighbor went to see the county engineer twice, but did not get to talk to him. He also sent at least five letters to the county engineer’s office and was always informed that there were no funds available.

I was about to give up when my luck changed.

I was at a meeting a short time ago and our state Sen. Tom Davis happened to be the guest speaker. After his presentation, I took the opportunity to introduce myself and explain the situation regarding our street. He gave me his card and told me he would look into the matter and also visit our street and take some pictures.

True to his word, he did and on Nov. 14 crews arrived and started repairing our street!

My sincere thanks from all our neighbors to Tom Davis, a man of action.

Patrick Garrett


Not thankful for Donald Trump

So, President Donald Trump, who never served and relentlessly promotes himself as God’s last patriot and the friend of veterans, couldn’t or wouldn’t go to a World War I veterans cemetery near Paris on the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.

He couldn’t be bothered with driving a couple of miles across the Potomac to Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans Day here in the U.S. because “he was on the phone for our country!”

On Thanksgiving Trump reportedly plans to feast on a 24-course meal at Mar-A-Lago while some 5,000 service men and women live in tents along the Mexican border, eating MRE’s for Thanksgiving, away from their families. For no reason except politics.

With friends like Trump, who needs enemies?

Gary L. Cadle

St. Helena Island

US now like tinpot dictatorship

I am writing to question the legality of President Donald Trump’s appointment of Acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

Jeff Sessions was clearly pushed out because of the president’s frustration over his recusal from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. This is a clear violation of the Appointments Clause in the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore, Whitaker is under investigation himself. What we are witnessing only occurs in tinpot dictatorships.

I would like to know how U.S. Senators Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham can justify any American being allowed to pick the person overseeing his own investigation. The attorney general is a Senate-confirmed position and it is shocking to see Republican senators have so little regard for the Constitution.

Lisa Lemen

Hilton Head Island

Anti-bullying, from a Trump?

Last week, I saw Melania Trump once again whining that no one takes her “Be Best” campaign seriously. I could only wonder whether she lives in an alternate reality.

Her husband is the Bully in Chief and apparently takes great pride in that reputation. She is married to the man and presumably knew what he was like prior to that marriage. I grew up being told you are judged by the company you keep. So why would anyone take this anti-bullying campaign seriously and want to be a part of it?

I have no doubt Mrs. Trump is sincere, but she needs to stop wasting taxpayer money traveling around trying to promote this project. She has to find something that would be considered more credible coming from this administration.

Fighting the opioid crisis comes to mind. I would, however, strongly recommend that before she comes up with a new campaign slogan she makes sure it is grammatically correct. Best is an adjective not a noun. Every time I hear this slogan, I wait for the punch line — be the best what?

Fran LaMonica

Port Royal