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Study of policing on Hilton Head not constructive

Maybe I am naïve but I do not understand why the Town of Hilton Head Island would pay an outside consulting group to audit the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office police operations on the island.

I am sure there is a state law requiring all governments to provide police protection for its residents. The town has a choice. Form its own police department or contract the job out. If the Hilton Head Town Council feels the Sheriff’s Office is not complying with the agreed upon contract, this matter belongs in court.

To have a consultant challenge the Sheriff’s Office policing procedure and suggesting that, among other improvements, handing candy out to little kids and doing a contest on who wants to be a police officer is not very constructive.

Donna P. Bryant


About that $5M surplus in Beaufort

I agree with your recent article concerning the leftover $5 million from the completed Boundary Street project in Beaufort.

It mentioned the possibility of tearing up more good property and making a marshfront park. That is all we need – more congestion going and coming from our once great city.

The boardwalk was a mistake that cost more than it is worth. If visitors want to look at the marsh, they can find a parking place and walk to it.

What about all of the other projects our City Council wants to do with the money. How about the drainage in the rural areas when the roads overflow? What about some of the roads that need to be paved or repaired, or is that what the “penny tax” is supposed to do?

What about the stormwater fee we pay, but don’t see anything done? The state blames the county and the county blames the state.

We need someone in certain positions who care for the residents’ needs, not someone who wants to continue to destroy all of the beauty that is left. I can remember when I was stationed here in the early 1960s. We did not have all of the car dealers or motels. I guess greed goes a long way for certain people. We residents should have some say in where the excess money goes.

Robert E. Williams


SC far from a liberal state

A response to the letter writer from New Jersey concerned about a new wave of Democrats that have followed him here:

New Jersey is far from a Democratic state. Your governor at the time you left was a Republican. New Jersey has a huge tax on property, income, gas and toll roads. If you have a problem with South Carolina, which is a Republican and conservative state, you might want to move elsewhere.

I moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island in 1967, then to Edison, N.J., in 1974 and to Hilton Head Island in 1991 and to Riverbend in 2007. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. If you think this state is liberal, you don’t know what liberal is. I’m guessing that there are five times more Republicans than Democrats in South Carolina, including this area.

We had to go to New Jersey for a wedding. We landed in Newark, rented a car, and took the turnpike south. Not counting meals or the gift, this two-day trip cost us over $1,200. It’s the last trip I’ll ever make to New Jersey.

I can see why you left – not the politics but the cost. If you have issues with the politics here, you have two choices. The first one is to move where there are no liberals or Democrats. Try Alabama or Mississippi. Or, enjoy the tax rates here and, if need be, run for office and try to make changes to fit your needs.

Lucien Piccioli


Support local, and enjoy, at new Farmers Market location on Hilton Head

There is a wonderful Farmers Market at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn on Hilton Head Island on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The vendors all either grow or make the products they sell. Fresh local vegetables, meat, fish, bread, prepared foods, baked goods for people and dogs, local coffee, salsa and chips.

Check it out, support local, and enjoy. It will continue until the middle of December and then return in the spring.

Beverly Jennings

Hilton Head Island

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